So Cold [EP]

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Breaking Benjamin - So Cold - BASS Tutorial [With Tabs] - Play Along

Please sign in or register to post comments. They came to America in search of wealth but they didn't come prepared so out of the that went only 50 were left by the time people returned. The colonists had to eat each other's bodies in order to survive the harsh winters. The leader told them that if they wanted to eat they would have to work, so they did.

I think maybe this song is about a family from that time and the voice speaking is the father who ends up being one of the last 50 alive. He watches everyday while people die and he is talking to himself in the song to try and stay sane. Lay your hand on me, one last time. Vatimiss from Gainesville, GaStupid mouse I would just encourage people to look at the lyrics and listen to them.

Don't take them for face value. One sentence in writing can have such a strong meaning behind it. Coupled with the music and voice, the possible meanings are endless!

I stumbled on this by searching the meaning behind the music video. Powerful video there, check it out. I'm also interesting in the true meaning behind songs. So Cold, to me has a powerful message.

Someone below said that it's meaning is in the title but didn't list what that meaning was. There are so many! Like, are they on the streets slowly freezing? Is this person that is so cold emotionally so? Is that person passing away and or dead? The lyrics are beautiful! The first stanza is describing the break down of a city, the people are disappearing, the people that were worshiped or had importance are running.

I'm sure it's literally impossible to write a completely original chord progression anymore, considering how much music has already been written. That's all I have to say - Peace! Apples and oranges, my friends. Nitzer Ebb, just wasn't sued that I'm aware of, possibly because no one has ever really listened to Bayroll, but I can be pretty damn sure if whomever wrote Can't Stop heard it, they'd be pretty pissed off.

Justin from Dallas, TxSnuckles, I hate to disappoint you, but what the hell are you talking about? The guitar riffs are almost identical, the drumming IS too different. Is it a rip off? You can sample a song as long as you literally don't change the words, hence oasis having been sued for "shakermaker" becuase that was them obviously changing the worlds to "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing In Perfect Harmony " by The New Seekers.

It isn't a rip off people it's just sampling, learn the damn difference. Corey from Richmond, VaWoah! Jason from Maui, HiI'm sorry, but as a musician, there is not enough tonal similarity between the two songs to even come close to saying B.

The only thing that's even similar between So Cold and Spiders is the groove of one single guitar riff the notes being played are different. It's like saying that Chevy "stole" the idea of the Corvette from Ford's Mustang because they both have wheels and an engine.

Apart from the groove of that little riff, everything else about the two songs is different: Snuckles from San Francisco, Cai soooooooooooooooooo am with megan on this.

Its funny that you guys say they ripped off spiders when this came out ffirst. BTW i love this song. One, a lot of people here are right. Artists give and take ideas, but it doesn't actually apply here anyway. Also, yea, this is opinionated, but SOAD is an amazing band.

Their music is good.

Pray for the Wicked is the sixth studio album by American rock band Panic! at the Disco. The album was released on June 22, on Fueled by Ramen and. Read more...

But also their lyrics. They have deep meaning, unlike most of the songs from Breaking Benjamin. I'm not hating, don't get me wrong. I love both bands. They have great music.

But it's almost impossible to compare bands that are so different. And no, SOAD did not break up actually, they're taking a "break". Don't know if that means they're comming back or not, but officaly, not broken up yet. But what does that matter?

We'll still have the music they've given us which has more meaning than being "so cold.. And in soad, they've got messages in their songs that people need to actually listen for, and most likely need to hear more times to get it. If you ask people what they think of the lyrics from both bands, it's most likely you'll find out that larger majority of people understand BB lyrics better than SOAD. Who do you think has the more complex message, if so many people don't understand them.

Of course everyone will understand a song that's told by it's title, and isn't really that "deep". Does breaking benjamin have meaningful messages? I mean really people, look up the lyrics and compare spiders to so cold. Then whine about it. Try not to be so heavy headed and get the idea that I'm trying to down BB.

I'm not saying one is better than the other, but it's like factual about the lyrics. I love both bands, and even though this is technically "opinionated", I'd love to know how many people agree. Yes, other bands get ideas from other songs, I don't see how you never realized this before. Nicki from Bv, CoTo ALL of you people who think that they used riffs from SPiders, they sound similar but the lyrics aren't even close so to say they ripped it off is just stupid!

A lot of songs sound similar and so what-the bands are nothing alike so who cares anyway Seth from Peebles, OhThis is my favorite song in the world it has great lyrics and it's just awesome 5 stars! They both have amazing songs in different ways. This song is alot better than spiders though Ana from Kherson, Ukrainedo NOT hate on soad this song is sooooooooo much worse than spiders its not even funny you people dont have taste in music obviously Sarah from La, CaBreaking Benjamin is one of the best bands.

All of their songs are awsome!!!! Breaking Benjamin combined the "Always chorus music and final lyric with parts of another song they used to perform "Inertia".

Plus, they didn't completely take out every part of each section of each song. They replaced the main guitar and bass riffs with different notes but kept it at the same tempo.

So Cold bass tab We have an official So Cold tab made by UG professional guitarists. Tab by: milezero Artist: Breaking Benjamin Song: So Cold Tunning.

Basically, along wih some newly created parts, breaking benjamin just arranged each part in the order that worked best. By the way I know Breaking Benjamin's busy recording their 4th Album, but where the hell is System of a down anyway?

I'm with you megan. The people who think So Cold used riffs from Spiders are either tone deaf or have been listening to music for like 5 minutes tops. Killian from Salem, Ct"Even though Breaking Benjamin is one of the best bands of all time only a few of there songs have any relevant meaning and this is not one of them besides somebody bein so cold..

There's obviously a deeper meaning in the lyrics. And obviously you're a tad too shallow to see that the lyrics mean more than a person being cold. You should probably go take a better english class that touches on irony and all those other literary concepts. Else, you're an idiot. Anyway, I went and listened to spiders. It has a similar tempo different key though and the first half of the riff is almost identical, but the second half stays on La pardon my use of solfege, I love choir: D for 2 measures, while So Cold The first time I heard this song, I was like It's musicality is pure genious!

I can't wait for their next album! Orta from Austin, Txits so funny the way people discuss topics such as songs with no real right answer, but just wanting to be heard is what drives us to write. Otto from Miami, United Statesit is sad when a band cant even write its own songs. Brad from Kokomo, InI love this song if u really think about it the song is very sad but im gonna sing it for my school talent show Mike from Deptford, NjTo: When I heard "so cold" i thought they were remaking "spiders" but realized they just ripped off most of the song.

Even someone who is tone deaf could figure out the two riffs are the same. The progression of the songs is very similar as well. I am very surprised there hasn't been any lawsuits. I do love breaking benjamin and think their songs are great, with the exception of "so cold. I have a feeling whoever said that must be tone deaf. Or just have something against the fact that Breaking Benjamin are so much more awesome than System of a Down.

Please sign in or register to post comments. They came to America in search of wealth but they didn't come prepared so out of the that went only 50 were left by the time people returned.

So Cold by Breaking Benjamin tab with free online tab...
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Bass tablature for So Cold by Breaking Benjamin. Rated out...
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Breaking Benjamin

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