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Cupid Cleaning Up

Washington, DC I've had a fairly good experience at this dry-cleaner so far. I have dry-cleaning offered through my office at a what is apparently a discounted rate and the prices at this business are comparable.

My clothes have always come back on time, clean and neatly pressed. No strange smells which I'm hoping is also partly due to the fact that they are advertised as "organic". I also really like that they are open fairly early, 7 I think, which gives me time to drop off in the morning and pick up in the evening if I desire same day service.

I had a duvet dry cleaned here once and it was returned in a nice plastic sleeve with a handle that I used for storing the duvet. No issues with my things so far. I have several choices of dry-cleaners in my neighborhood, but so far I have no desire so far to try another. I really wanted to like this place.

I've been going to them for a year since they're right in the neighborhood. But the combination of lost shirts, wrong shirts, price adjustments, and lousy attitude of the front desk staff has driven me away.

It was very convenient, a small business, and the staff had even invited my dog inside and gave him treats. Then, the second time I used the cleaner, they returned the wrong pair of suit pants.

The pants were only slightly lighter and larger and by the time I noticed I had already worn the suit to a wedding even though the pants were very loose and lighter than the suit jacket. I only noticed the error when I returned from the trip and went to drop off my suit again.

The pants were a brand I had never bought before and a size or two wider than I wear. I returned to the store hoping to find my lost pants or receive some form of compensation, but the staff was rude and eventually put me on the phone with someone they claimed was the owner who blamed me for returning a few weeks after picking up the suit.

They are way overpriced or maybe just pressed for cash When I asked them to explain why they couldn't but told me this was the price. WOW is this place terrible. My experience started poorly with a very brusque, rude front desk woman. She acted like sharing the same air as me was a major inconvenience to her day.

Maybe she was having a bad day or maybe that's how she always is -- I'm not risking another item of clothing to find out. It was when we picked our order up that all hell broke loose.

My boyfriend's pants weren't the right color, brand, style, OR size. This had never happened to either of us before at any dry cleaners, so we figured this was a simple mix-up and politely informed the woman at the front desk that this wasn't part of our order and that we were missing something.

She essentially called us liars, even after my boyfriend offered to try the pants on to show that they didn't fit. She didn't offer any remedies, and basically kicked us out of the store.

Trust me, they will be reported to the Better Business Bureau. We encourage all other patrons who have had issues to file a report as well. Unless you don't care about getting your clothes back on time or at all , don't bother checking this place out. This place does okay job cleaning clothes. Clothes come back on time as they say it will.

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Place is spacious and got lots of plants which feels relaxing once you come in. Cashiers are friendly and attentive. Service has been wonderful here since my last review.

The staff were sincerely very sweet! Also the alterations they did for me were perfect. I've been going to Cupid Cleaners for a long time - pretty much since they opened a few years ago. They have always been fine. However, I recently had two shirts damaged during cleaning. One had a small hole in the sleeve and the other was missing a button. I didn't notice this until I got home but I returned a few days later and explained the situation. They repaired the shirts and when I came to pick them up they charged me for the repair!

I tried to explain that the repair should be free given they caused the damage, but the woman I spoke with kept saying "you need to pay for the repair". I didn't want to make a big scene, so I just paid and left. However, I will be finding another cleaners in the area.

Still going here for my dry cleaning. The aforementioned unpleasant woman is long gone and there no longer seems to be a minimum amount to use your debit or credit card. Super friendly, pretty efficient, and they do a good job. Overall a solid place to take care of your dry cleaning needs.

I have always had a good experience with them. They are convenient and fast. They make sure your clothes are clean. The last time I came in I was a little upset that one of my pants were not ready, but it was because there was a stain on them and they had already sent them back.

I appreciate the care that they took in doing that even though it didn't seem at first that I appreciated their doing that. I will continue to use them. They are convenient and fast and pretty nice as well even when I am not so nice. Keep up the good work. They do take Visa and MC though. The dry cleaning services here are pretty good and reasonably priced, but I'm most impressed with their alterations and tailoring. I got a lot of little things done here-- zippers, sewing up little rips etc.

63 reviews of Cupid Cleaners

They are really good at telling you if something will cost more than expected. They managed to save some my favorite jeans that was starting to come apart at the seams.

They warned me that it might take a patch which costs more than just sewing together a hole , but when I came back, the seamstress was able to save me money and do it without the more pricy patch. My boyfriend takes all of his cleaning here and is perfectly happy with it. However, every item I've brought here for cleaning has shrunk significantly. Definite shrinkage in the items I've brought to this cleaners. I've never experienced this before, and definitely won't be going back.

I called several times, and was repeatedly told that the manager is in the shop at 11am on weekdays. One day, I called at Today, I tried calling again and I was put "on hold" someone put the phone down on the counter for 5 minutes, but the manager never came on the line.

I will go elsewhere to have my dress fixed. Don't come here for alterations. Cupid cleaners has been my go-to dry cleaner for awhile. I appreciate that they use green methods, as many of the non-green methods are unbelievably harmful for staff.

On one occasion my dress didn't clean right the first time and they cleaned it for me a second time for free. I suggest always checking your belongings when you pick them up, as one time I was missing a belt that went with a dress and it turned out to be hung up on a second hanger.

Regarding alterations- they are excellent. I gave them a silk dress that I had ripped up the back and they made it appear brand new. Same day service, for a fair price.

I've taken everything here, from comforters to football jerseys, quality in price, to friendly service to that dry clean scent that just makes you want to put your whole closet in there.

Overall I highly recommend this dry cleaners. I'm happy that a new dry cleaner has opened up literally around the corner from my house, and even happier to find the following: My boyfriend got four jackets restored to like-new now that they have buttons again. One of my coats came back with a stain still on it - she caught it before it got to me and sent it back to the cleaner to be redone.

Really, as good as can be. My shirts were always perfect, they took care with my dry cleaning, and they hard great customer care. I moved away, and didn't realize just how good they were! Compared the two skirts-- literally identical because who in DC needs a suit to be a fashion statement -- and there is a full INCH of difference in the waist band and through the hip between the one that was cleaned and the one that hadn't been.

I then tried on the pants that go with the suit because obviously when you're wearing a suit everyday and don't need to make a fashion statement you get the skirt and the pants to go with your jacket and the SAME THING happened!!

I never get the jcrew pants hemmed because I'll wear a 2 or 2. The pants were remarkably snug-- to the point that I can no longer wear them ugh, too tight in the butt To make sure I was not going crazy, I tried on my black pants in the exact same cut, exact same size, but that i hadn't dry cleaned. Those pants were still nicely loose and worked with my standard suiting heels.

It might just be the jcrew lightweight wool suiting that doesn't work with whatever cleaning mechanism they have going on over at Cupid Cleaners, but i'd hate for anyone else to 1. I'm just glad that my standard suit-buying protocol is to find one suit line that fits and then get it in two colors- otherwise i would have never known that it's not me, it's them. A white dress of mine was dyed completely pink. There is a stark contrast between the cloth around the zipper and the lining -- which are both still the original color -- and the rest of the dress.

Cleaning services of the absolute highest standards.

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{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}Washington, DC I've had a fairly good experience at this dry-cleaner so far. I have dry-cleaning offered through my office at a what is apparently a discounted rate and the prices at this business are comparable.

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