Weber's Iron Cage of Rationality

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Max Weber Rationalization/Iron Cage

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They will give it to her only if she has documentation of purchase. They will deliver phone tomorrow. They will deliver again the next day. Then the internet goes down. So Sky have cut off my phone line because of an unusual bill. I call Sky and pay. Over the next few days I phone over a dozen times, each time explaining to a different person.

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It becomes a task labyrinthine in its complexity. A parishioner comes to see me in tears. She went to social services about her terrible living conditions only to be ambushed by the Home Office with a densely typed form, slovenly filled in, telling her she is going to be deported. He is told to take a number. He is in agony, but for ages his only interface is with a ticket machine.

This, apparently, is efficiency.

In sociology, the iron cage is a term coined by Max Weber for the increased rationalization inherent in social life, particularly in Western capitalist societies. The

All this is so tediously familiar, we hardly think it deserves mention. His fascinating critique of the ubiquity of contemporary bureaucracy asks how it is that we have allowed ourselves to be so fully enmeshed in a dehumanising nexus of forms and procedure without so much as a whisper of public debate.

That cry now seems as old-fashioned as the series itself. The right has some semblance of critique: Perhaps in response to this, the left has assumed that defending or being silent about the smothering prevalence of bureaucracy is all about defending the state.

Camouflaged by its ubiquity and its boring everydayness, we let it pass us by.

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Read about sociologist Max Weber's concept of the 'iron cage...
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Sociological Theory Bureaucratic Rationality, Alienation and the Traumatic Transition to Modernity

17 Apr Over a century ago, the likes of Max...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}Behavior had become dominated by goal-oriented rationality and less by tradition and values. According to Weber, the shift from the old form of mobility in terms of kinship to a new form in terms of a strict set of rules was a direct result of growth in accumulation of capital, i. Weber believes that this influenced modern society and how we operate today, especially politically.

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