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There were his rocky early days on Late Night, the ill-fated eight-month stint as host of The Tonight Show, and now the news that his TBS show, Conan, will move from an hour to half-hour episodes beginning in Yes, the aforementioned events account for a small slice of an otherwise consistent — and consistently hilarious — 25 years as a late-night host, but still!

But at no moment have I ever felt anything less than incredibly lucky that my job is to make people laugh. One way I can answer this is to take you through the history of late night.

But there were elements of what hosts did that were about killing time. A couple of years ago, someone sent me a clip of The Joey Bishop Show. It was Joey and his sidekick, Regis Philbin, and they were vamping: What do you think of the show? Because this is the show! That idea got under my skin. I used to love doing a whole hour; that was my assignment. Good luck to you, sir! Meaning you no longer saw a compelling reason to be doing an hour? Yeah, and it was the travel shows we did that changed my thinking.

There are parts of late night that feel very pro forma. At this stage in my career doing half an hour could shock me into coming up with new stuff. But how much of moving to half an hour is a business decision rather than a creative one? I understand that perspective, but the truth is that the initial resistance to half an hour came from the business side. We might even be making more content and just putting more of it directly online. Why has the genre had so little innovation?

The lifeblood of these shows, for a long time, was promotion. Those factors mean things are going to look a certain way. But for me, if something is reliably irritating you need to stop doing it. There are days when I feel the machine aspect of things: First guest, second guest, comic.

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How much of the rigidity of talk-show conventions are about network executives being afraid of change? This is related to the idea of change: He is so committed to his plan. Proceed with the plan. Even at the end of the movie when Hans Gruber is falling off the building and has seven seconds of life left, instead of reflecting on what it all meant, he takes out his gun and is firing up at Bruce Willis.

I fought in the Korean War, you punk! Then we figure out what goes on the show, what goes directly online, what is put out as a caffeinated drink, what becomes a saline solution that goes in your eye. Do you enjoy figuring that part out? Whenever I find myself becoming cranky about these kids today I stick my face in a microwave and put it on roast, because being cranky is the easy way out. Most of the shift to the digital world has been happy for me.

There are people that deep dive just on our Jordan Schlansky videos. Some of those people have tattoos of him. Do you have theories about why the Schlansky stuff does so well online? All my best remote stuff involves me getting into awkward situations with somebody else and then having that play out in an honest way. And Jordan Schlansky is this very Spock-like presence ; I have a fascinating chemistry with him.

Would that ever happen?

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And maybe the quiet, slow-burn aspect of it is a nice reaction to other comedy, which I think in general has sped up over the years. What about on the business side: But maybe this is an example: Could you review us? They invest a billion dollars in games that take nine years to make and then they roll out Oculus Nine: The Becoming — where you pretend that shards of glass are put in your skull and you become who you used to be in another dimension and you get to watch your SAT scores fall — and I am part of the business model for that.

It makes no sense. For years I would do Late Night and feel like I was on submarine duty. But when the whole Tonight Show thing went down in , there was this explosion of visible support on the internet. So the thing that saved me was seeing this emotional connection I had with my fan base.

It took me by surprise. And so did how people responded to what I was doing on Twitter. That all kept a connection alive with my fans when I was out of a job, and by the time I relaunched on TBS the online following had become a strong part of my identity. How valuable is that to TBS? I want to be more agile. I want to be a cigarette boat pirouetting around. And then you and I will strip to the waist and fight about it. Well, for me, the wrestling would be more of an erotic thing.

So whatever online presence I have is definitely valuable to TBS. Just to go back to the situation with The Tonight Show. How does that all look to you today? I have a good perspective on how it happened.

There were executives on the brink of a corporate merger, and they were scared and wanted to have all their options. With very few exceptions, I tried not to take any of it personally. Without getting into specifics, there were a few people who I felt were not being good human beings. But I see that what happened was an inevitable clusterfuck.

All three of us were not going to fit in that hot tub. Is there any part of you that thinks maybe you leaned too hard into the victim role back then? Right, these were the definition of rich white people problems.

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All I can say is that I was discombobulated by the whole thing. I remember at the time thinking that when Dave had his thing with Jay Leno , he was allowed to keep making jokes about it for five years.

And when we made jokes about my situation, people interpreted it as real rage. I had some PTSD for a while, because I always took my job seriously and tried to be an honorable person, and then to have that outcome with The Tonight Show confused the shit out of me. Then you realize, Oh, everybody has bad work situations.

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Then Letterman came along when I was a senior in high school and blew my mind. But you had a very specific relationship to late-night hosts. That kind of connection is not really there anymore.

I remember very clearly the experience of being 12 or 13 years old and watching you on Late Night at The viewing experience was this intimate thing — even if the thing itself was about a masturbating bear. Yeah, the thing was, back then if you missed us you missed us. And we would do these strange things.

There was a guy with a scruffy beard working there. I fucking saw it. Do I Know You? Did that idea ever make any sense to you? No, it always seemed arbitrary. Especially in the lead-up to doing The Tonight Show there was so much overthinking by the media. People also used to point out — especially in the early days of Late Night — that your comedy was more abstract than other late-night hosts.

Was it at all interesting to learn how critics saw you as being different from your competition? Because we did a bunch of that material in the first two weeks we were on the air: In the Year , Actual Items. Who else in late night is doing particularly good work right now? One of the funniest people on TV is Nathan Fielder. I know is not a late-night show.

I thought I was doing pretty well. Will Ferrell was great for those. Then we got into a fight that led to us both grabbing for the gun and it going off. I love pure silliness like that.

There were his rocky early days on Late Night, the ill-fated eight-month stint as host of The Tonight Show, and now the news that his TBS show, Conan, will move from an hour to half-hour episodes beginning in

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{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}Bios Johnny O'Brien I am the author of the Jack Christie Series, which has a time travel theme, involving the characters in real historical events. I grew up in the very beautiful border country of Scotland the Tweed valley and studied history at Cambridge University. I still cling on manfully to a day job—but love writing and talking to young people about writing and history. My original purpose for the series was to get my kids off the PlayStation by writing an action-packed book!

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