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Under his new boss Pegasus Gillian Anderson , he is put on a mission to investigate a plot to assassinate of the Chinese Premier during scheduled talks with the Prime Minister. Vortex holds a secret weapon that requires three metal keys to unlock. But when he reveals his key, Fisher is killed by a grey-haired woman Pik-Sen Lim disguised as a apartment cleaner, and another guy steals the key.

English chases the thief across Hong Kong and eventually defeats him. However, on his flight back to London, English is tricked by another Vortex operative disguised as a flight attendant, and is humiliated in a meeting with the Foreign Secretary and Pegasus when he attempts to present the key and the plans. He then mistakes Pegasus's mother to be the cleaner assassin and attacks her at Pegasus's kid's party.

English and Tucker meet Karlenko at an exclusive golf course outside London.

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However, mid-game, the cleaner assassin critically injures Karlenko. As English and Tucker fly by helicopter to take Karlenko to a hospital, Karlenko reveals that the Vortex third key holder is a mole inside MI7, and then dies. Over dinner, English confides with Ambrose about the mole, not knowing that Ambrose is the actual mole. Ambrose tricks English into thinking Quartermain is the traitor, and despite Tucker confronting Ambrose in the bathroom, English dismisses Tucker and lets Ambrose go free, giving him Karlenko's key.

At a church, English confronts Quartermain, but realises he has been framed as the traitor. He escapes the MI7 operatives using Quartermain's enhanced wheelchair, and hides at Sumner's flat. After reviewing the footage of the Mozambique mission, Sumner realises the assassin behaved abnormally, and that Vortex has a drug called timoxeline barbebutenol that makes the person suggestible to mind control before killing them. Ambrose picks up Sumner to go to the fortress event, knowing that English had been hiding in the flat.

English persuades Tucker to rejoin him to infiltrate Le Bastion. English warns Pegasus of the threat, but unknowingly imbibes the drink containing the drug. Ambrose tells English to subdue Pegasus, which he does with a punch to the face.

Assigning English to be the Prime Minister's bodyguard inside the safe room, he orders him to kill the Chinese Premier using a pistol disguised as lipstick. However, English attempts to resist the drug.

Tucker arrives and interrupts Ambrose's communication feed. Ambrose escapes, but the chemical enters its lethal stage, and English falls to the floor. Sumner arrives and is able to revive English with a passionate kiss.

With Ambrose heading down the mountain, English pursues him by parachuting and then snowmobilling down a mountainside.

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The two spies fight in a aerial tram , but English prevails after recalling his training in Tibet where he was repeatedly kicked in the crotch, but falls off of the lift. Ambrose shoots at English, but English is able to use his spy umbrella's rocket launcher to destroy the lift.

Later on, English is to have his knighthood reinstated by the Queen. During the ceremony, the Queen is revealed to be the killer cleaner again, which leads English to attack the real Queen by mistake.

Under his new boss Pegasus Gillian Anderson , he is put on a mission to investigate a plot to assassinate of the Chinese Premier during scheduled talks with the Prime Minister.

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