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Laurel, DE Beautiful selection of furniture and high quality. Very pleased with our bedroom set. The delivery was incomplete unfortunately and they would've rec'd 5 stars but their customer service is not good. Our bedroom set was delivered without our new KING mattress and we were new in our home so we had no place to sleep. I started calling cust. Why would we pay for delivery of a bdrm set and exclude the mattress? So I spent the next hours arranging for a delivery of our new mattress.

And the next day it came! So all seemed good enough. However I was called by cust service to rate the delivery service while the delivery guys who scuffed our walls and floors were just leaving. It was a nightmare calling the store and trying to get a live person to help that had common sense and cared. Cust service promised to waive delivery charges and give us a store " credit" of No store credit ever arrived They saw no notes referring to my delivery charges being waived or for any store credit.

Then I finally got an envelope in the mail from the store. I opened it to see xeroxed copy of a store credit!

No note attached, no form letter, no apology letter or thank you for your purchase letter here is your store credit , etc etc When I went to store and tried to use it for a mattress cover in our brand new mattress, the sales MGR said after scrutinizing the coupon- How did you get this? I felt like he thought I copied and made my own coupon. They never said it was a conditional coupon on the phone. I felt like they were doing me the hugest favor and as big and showey as this store is , it operates on an archaic, dinosaur level with customer service.

So my "mattress cover" that was to be paid for with the coupon , I was told was always in stock. So I come in to get it and same manager now says, oh , if has to come from our other store, I'll order it and call you.

He never called or ever did what he said he would do the whole time we shopped. So I called on the status and it was finally in. He ended up substituting for lesser quality and said here it is- it was an inferior cover and not what I ordered.

To get it over with I took it. I'm not impressed with this sales Mgr , Mr. I think he failed to follow through on many occasions. I think the store lacks cohesiveness behind the scenes- support!!!! They don't have that down at all. They need an overhaul on how they handle customers and their orders. We placed an order for a dining table and 6 chairs on May 19, and were told it would be in by the end of June, no problem.

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Well, first we found out they screwed up and only ordered 5 chairs so we had to have them order another the next day. They also screwed up my wife's first name and our last name, guess they couldn't read what was on my drivers license or credit card.

Comes the end of June no table or chairs. They are now expected sometime in July. Comes the end of July and they have a table but no chairs and they say the chairs are on a ship at sea and are expected maybe by the end of August.

Enough is enough, we went in today and cancelled our orders but first they tried to get us to look at other tables, we said no. They finally gave us a refund. So much for the great service and fast deliver from Johnny Janosik.

At Johnny Janosik you'll find a wide selection of quality living room furniture from top brands. Stop in at one of our store locations and experience our top notch.

Went to another furniture store in Lewes and they had a table we liked, and it is being delivered tomorrow. They say they are family friendly but complained when my grandchildren sat in a massage chair said they had to be 18, apparently family isn't a child or young adult. They also didn't complain until we couldn't find a mattress we liked. If YELP only offered negative stars, my review would be more realistic, but one is the worst I can give for now.

Johnny Janosik has been a nightmare for us so far. Furniture was delivered damaged and our walls all scraped up by the delivery guys.

Replacement furniture damaged worse. They said they would send a tech out to look at the damaged furniture. Waited all day for tech and he never showed or called. Even customer service tried to reach the tech and they couldn't get ahold of him. We have to drive miles every time we have a delivery or to wait for the tech.

To make matters worse, one of the replacement pieces had one of their floor tags on it that said "Clearance" and it turned out to be a used chair. We bought new furniture and not used which this chair shows signs of. You can take your chances with them, but it is like Russian roulette.

You may find yourself exhausted just trying to get your furniture delivered in new shape. If you like hassles and being given the runaround, then by all means, this is your place! As of this date, we do NOT have it resolved and it has been over a month since the first delivery of damaged goods. Upgraded to 2 stars. The CEO returned my call to him. Very nice gentleman who indicated they will make this right and work with us on a replacement.

I will keep you informed and update the stars accordingly. Commitment to delivering customer's merchandise on time and in great condition is something Johnny Janosik holds as one of their core values.

They know the customer experience does not end in the showroom and nothing matters until the merchandise is in the home. Their dedication to finding careful and courteous delivery teams does not go unnoticed! You can tell providing a great customer comprehensive customer experience is their goal at Johnny Janosik!

This is not the first time we have had problems with this store. We were promised 8 week delivery on a couch and when 8 Weeks came along there was no communication from Johnny J. We called and left a message to call us with status report.

No call for days. Called back and another message left with customer service and again no call back. Called again and talked to "Leah" who appologized and said that the couch was at the store and what and it would be another week and a half for delivery because their trucks were busy with another store.

When my wife complained highly about how we were treated, she said she would move the delivery up and also promised to have our other couch taken to the consignment place next door to them. We were happy with that and I even wrote a praising letter to her manager, Kelly Wattersboch. Sofa arrived but driver had no paperwork on taking the other sofa. I called they said they would call right back. We donated the sofa to Habitat and will not be dealing with Johnny J.

Extra long wait for anything. I'm talking minimum 3months most likely 4. Delivery people come out dont have tools or can't figure out how to put bunk beds together. Promised me that would fix it within a week.

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Fast forward two months and Im still waiting for my dollar bed to be correct. I said just take this bed and let me get another one in its place. Wish I could have just gotten my money back and gone somewhere else.

My mom bought a sleeper sofa from them 3 months to get, then something wrong with fabric.. Hours and hours on the phone to try and get anything.

The only time you will be impressed by service is before you buy anything. Problem is there are not many places to buy in Delaware. Had a very disappointing experience at this meg-store. Needless to say I will keep the poor quality furniture, which we hadn't had an opportunity to sample in the showroom, with the firm resolve to never spend another dollar at Johnny J's.

Clearly this super store will outlive my poor quality furniture but my advice is to make sure you like what you order because their return policy is not what consumers have come to expect from large retailers. When we need good furniture, good prices and good customer service we travel to Dover and go to Johnny Janosik. Our salesperson, Tatiayana, couldn't have been more helpful as we recently looked at lift chairs for my husband. She kept us informed of the delivery status via e-mail and the delivery came as promised.

The deliverymen were terrific, considering they had to climb a flight of stairs with the heavy chair. They helped to set up the chair and waited while my husband checked out the mechanics. The day after the chair arrived Heather from Customer Care phoned to make sure we were happy.

As I write this I'm looking at my dining room from Johnny's , my family room couch from Johnny's and I woke up this morning on my bed from Johnny's! Worth the trip across the Bay Bridge to Delaware?

Laurel, DE Beautiful selection of furniture and high quality. Very pleased with our bedroom set.

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{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}Commitment to delivering customer's merchandise on time and in great condition is something Johnny Janosik holds as one of their core values. They know the customer experience does not end in the It is a member of the StyleTrend buying group and provides a range of home furnishing products and services. Its products include furnishing items for kitchens, entertainment centers, bedrooms, and dining, living and family rooms.

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