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Jonathan "Johnny" Joestar Stand: Yuuki Kaji All-Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven , Takahiro Mizushima radio drama A young horse racing prodigy, Johnny's heyday as a horse jockey came to an abrupt end when a public incident left him paraplegic. He meets Gyro Zepelli before the Steel Ball Run begins and finds himself captivated by his steel ball ability.

After fighting for Gyro's attention, the two team up for the race. He's known for his cynical, self-centered, critical and fairly mean-spirited behavior. Despite this, he's a solid Jerkass Woobie due to his terrible upbringing and self-esteem issues, and much of the story is about him growing out of this behavior to become a much nicer, self-sacrificing person.

His stand is Tusk, which allows him to fire his fingernails as bullets. ACT 2 allows him to move the bullet holes left by the nails, like dragging them along the surface.

When a resurrected Bruford was defeated at the hands of Jonathan Joestar, .. upgrades to

In ACT 3, Johnny shoots himself to send the Spin onto himself, allowing him to move through his holes and shoot from multiple angles.

ACT 4 allows Johnny to shoot a nail bullet with infinite Spin, meaning he gains the power of infinity against his opponent and can completely incapacitate them, along with destroying Valentine's infinite dimension-hopping powers by applying the Spin to him, as it follows Valentine across multiple universes.

He shoots his nails.

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Par for the course for JoJo's. The manga has him wearing light blue clothes with pink stars, All-Star Battle make his hat and shirt white with blue stars, and his pants the opposite, and Eyes of Heaven gives him a lime green outfit with red stars. Though, the "Jo" in Johnny is usually pronounced "Joe" in Japan. Johnny's the most ambiguously heroic of the Joestars for a number of reasons. The neglect and contempt shown by his father, and the events that led up to him getting paralyzed , turned him into a bitter shadow of his former self, with deep-seated self-esteem issues.

In fact, the reason he seeks to acquire the Corpse Parts is so that a "useless person" like him could have a purpose for living. On top of that, Johnny is not really heroic. He just wanted the Corpse and is not particularly nice. To have the Corpse he'll do everything even if he must kill someone.

He even proposed to Gyro to shoot a child with a serious face. He does mellow down over the course of the story, but still. This is deconstructed when he admits that in a way, his goals are pettier than Valentine's well-intentioned but insane scheme , causing him to nearly side with the Big Bad.

The only reason he doesn't do so is because he's smart enough to test if Valentine was going to double cross him, and not because he had any sudden moral objections. Bites it, 10 years after the events of SBR. Not Johnny himself, but his horse Slow Dancer. At 11 years old, it's well past the prime age for racing horse which is the period between being 3 to 8 years old , but still manages to get Johnny across America in a massive cross-country race.

Averted with him physically since he's rather scrawny due to years of being confined to a wheelchair, but Tusk's abilities wind up making Johnny one of the most physically dangerous threats and very good in a fight even without a weapon to use.

In addition to this, it can tear holes in dimensional walls, fire a Spin with infinite energy that can travel across dimensions, and straight up No-Sell a Time Stop! Perhaps the most androgynous looking JoJo. He wound up paralyzed, simply because he thought he was too rich and famous to wait in line. Even in an alternate universe, Dio manages to overshadow Jonathan in the eyes of his father And even in an alternate universe Jonathan loses his head.

Though, it's a vastly different way he does so. See Contrasting Reboot Character below for more details. The whole story of SBR is basically about it. Over the course of the story, Johnny finds that there's more to life beyond the walls he had built around himself. Johnny's journey to walk again runs parallel to his growth in maturity. Contrasting Sequel Main Character: Other than similarities in their backstories, Johnny neither looks nor acts like Jonathan, in any way.

Jonathan was a kind, idealistic, unselfish, and generous musclebound mountain of a man; Johnny is a cruel, cynical, self-centered, and petty scrawny kid though partly justified by the atrophy caused by his disability. In other words, Jonathan was the Ideal Hero with scarcely any flaws, while Johnny is a very flawed Byronic Hero with few redeeming qualities. While both are anti-heroic and both have serious daddy issues , how they started and how they ended couldn't be any more different.

Jolyne Cujoh, flaws and sexuality aside, was genuinely heroic starting off, and a large part of her Character Development has her become more stoic and self-dependent.

Johnny, meanwhile, is cruel, cynical, and thoroughly self-interested, and a large part of his Character Development has him be more sympathetic and nicer to people.

Additionally, while Jolyne fails in her quest to stop Enrico Pucci from resetting the universe, Johnny largely succeeds in his quest to receive his father's acknowledgement and stop Funny Valentine's plans from coming to fruition.

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And aside from all that, there's the fact that Jolyne and Johnny are opposite genders Something he does have in common with Jonathan. Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Comes off as whiny, incompetent, and overly reliant on Gyro. In-battle, however, it becomes clear that he can hold his own. This is especially apparent when his "Dark Will" comes out. Out of all of the JoJos that have appeared, Johnny's definitely the snarkiest of them all. He likes to reply with sarcastic remarks, particularly when it comes to Gyro and his indecipherable jokes and weird songs.

That's a damn good song. It's get stuck in your head so easily! Especially the "rella rella" part.. I can't get it out of my mind! He's also the only character to compliment Josuke's hair in All Star Battle. The taunt is in the snark. Flip flopped, due to his namesake, readers may assume Johnny is the protagonist of the story.

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However, midway through the story Johnny starts to take more and more of a traditional protagonist role. Getting his shit kicked out of him by a horse and having a piece of wood lodged in his leg will not stop this guy from learning the secret of Gyro's Steel Balls , and later on, absolutely nothing will get between him and the corpse parts.

Johnny's paraplegia is nothing but a hindrance without any sort of supernatural compensation, and without his experience as a horseback rider while having a ranged stand he'd be near useless. It's telling that one of his stands more useful secondary uses can be described as "quickly dragged by spinning fingers". Jonathan Joestar, but he started calling himself "Johnny" after people started calling him "JoJo".

Everything's Better with Spinning: Once he figures out the Golden Ratio, his nail bullets become incredibly powerful weapons which create movable rifts that seek out the target's vitals and destroy them. He doesn't have much in common with Jonathan at first, but then you find out his full backstory It's more subtle, but he also takes some elements from Battle Tendency Joseph's personality as well.

He used to be a Casanova Jerkass with a serious arrogant streak before Laser-Guided Karma struck, and towards the end, he also loses an arm soon after Gyro reveals his true name, although this time he gets better. He sees no problem with killing an opponent if he thinks it's necessary. Gyro can tell just by looking at his eyes — Johnny's killing intent is depicted as smoldering black flames in his pupils.

Face Death with Dignity: Subverted in that he does get better in the end. A more serious example than usual. He sometimes poses like this to aim Tusk. Very early on in the arc, Gyro mentions to Johnny that mosquito bites are the number one causes of death. As we approach the climax, we find out about his little fetish And ultimately, Gyro dies from dozens of small wounds from D4C's ability, resembling mosquito bites.

A lot with Gyro , but the most touching scene is the one where he gave the corpse to the enemy in order to save him. Tusk boasts an impressive amount of firepower and a number of different ways to use it, but offers no defensive abilities, and the stand itself can't be used in a fight. Tusk Act 4 plays with this, to an extreme.

Johnny can only activate Act 4 while riding a horse. Good Scars, Evil Scars: He gets a scar, after he got shot. The Golden Ratio also allowed him to use the rifts created by his nails to transport parts or all of him to other places. Not being able to use the legs doesn't stop him from kicking ass, as well as participating in a country spanning horse race. Johnny sacrifices himself to save his son, when using the corpse's power to save his wife backfires horribly. He literally thinks of himself as "less than zero".

He is a JoJo. Tons of screaming and aggressive forcefulness is to be expected from him. The higher evolutions of Tusk turn him and his nail bullets into this. Not even hiding behind cover, deflecting his attacks, or stopping time can protect you for very long. He shoots his fingernails like bullets. Even for JoJo, that's pretty over the top.

Naturally, with his nail bullets. He hits Alternate Diego through a New York City street from the sewer below, while on a horse, just from the sound of the hoofbeats of Diego's horse.

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{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}Jonathan "Johnny" Joestar Stand: Yuuki Kaji All-Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven , Takahiro Mizushima radio drama A young horse racing prodigy, Johnny's heyday as a horse jockey came to an abrupt end when a public incident left him paraplegic. He meets Gyro Zepelli before the Steel Ball Run begins and finds himself captivated by his steel ball ability. After fighting for Gyro's attention, the two team up for the race.

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