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His mother, Anne Werzberg, came from Yabluniv , present-day Ukraine. Through his mother's family, he is a cousin of Israeli singer Yardena Arazi. When Mangel was four years old, the family moved to Lille , but they later returned to Strasbourg.

There, upon the urging of his cousin Georges Loinger, he joined the French Resistance. Later on, he would find schooling in the Paris suburbs in the home of Yvonne Hagnauer , pretending to be a worker at the school she directed; Hagnauer would later receive the honor of Righteous Among the Nations from Yad Vashem. In Mangel's father was captured by the Gestapo and deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp , where he was killed. The first time he used mime was after France was invaded, in order to keep Jewish children quiet while he helped them escape to neutral Switzerland.

The acclaim was unanimous and Marceau's career as a mime was firmly established.

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In his appearance he wore a striped pullover and a battered, be-flowered silk opera hat. The outfit signified life's fragility and Bip became his alter ego, just as the " Little Tramp " had become Charlie Chaplin 's.

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Bip's misadventures with everything from butterflies to lions, from ships and trains to dance-halls and restaurants, were limitless. As a style of Pantomime , Marceau was acknowledged without peer. Marceau, during a televised talk with Todd Farley, expresses his respect for the mime techniques that Charlie Chaplin used in his films, noting that Chaplin seemed to be the only silent film actor who used mime.

Satires on everything from sculptors to matadors were described as works of genius. Of his summation of the ages of man in the famous Youth, Maturity, Old Age and Death, one critic said: From to , a retrospective of his mimodramas, including The Overcoat by Gogol , ran for a full year at the Amibigu Theatre in Paris. World recognition Marceau in Marceau performed all over the world in order to spread the "art of silence" L'art du silence.

It was the intellectual minority who knew of him until he first toured the United States in and , close on the heels of his North American debut at the Stratford Festival of Canada. After his opening engagement at the Phoenix Theater in New York, which received rave reviews, he moved to the larger Barrymore Theater to accommodate the public demand.

His last world tour covered the United States in , and returned to Europe in and Australia in He was one of the world's most renowned mimes.

Marceau's art became familiar to millions through his many television appearances. His first television performance as a star performer on the Max Liebman, Mike Douglas and Dinah Shore , and he also had his own one-man show entitled "Meet Marcel Marceau". He teamed with Red Skelton in three concerts of pantomimes. Marceau also showed his versatility in motion pictures such as Professor Ping in Barbarella ; First Class , in which he played 17 roles; Shanks , where he combined his silent art, playing a deaf and mute puppeteer, and his speaking talent, as a mad scientist; and a cameo as himself in Mel Brooks Silent Movie , in which, with intentional irony, his character has the only audible speaking part, uttering the single word "No!

His last film appearances included small roles in Klaus Kinski 's Paganini and Joseph's Gift He also had a role in a low-budget film roughly based on his life story called Paint It White.

The film was never completed because another actor in the movie, a lifelong friend[ who? In , He posed for artist Kenneth Hari and worked on paintings and drawings that resulted in a book, and the art work in many museum collections. Belfond of Paris published Pimporello in The school was open for two years with fencing, acrobatics, ballet and five teachers of Mime. In , Marcel Marceau taught in a major Mime workshop in Italy and among students was Paolo Franzato, who will become a prestigious theatrical pedagogue.

In , he established the Marceau Foundation to promote mime in the United States. In , pop megastar Michael Jackson , who had been friends with Marceau for nearly 20 years, planned a concert together with him for HBO , but the concert was cancelled after Jackson was hospitalised for exhaustion during rehearsals.

Jackson, during an interview, said that he had always been "in awe" at Marceau's skill as a performer: He was a great guy. I used to go see Marcel Marceau all of the time, before Off the Wall. I used to sneak in and sit in the audience and watch how he would defy the laws of gravity, like he was stepping on air.

I would take some of those things and include it into rhythm and dance when I move. From , when Marceau returned with his classic solo show to New York and San Francisco after year absences for critically acclaimed sold-out runs, his career in America enjoyed a remarkable renaissance with strong appeal to a third generation. He latterly appeared to overwhelming acclaim for extended engagements at such legendary American theaters as The Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.

Personal life Marcel Marceau in Marceau was married three times: A Memoir of Love, Lust, and Illusion, released in At his burial ceremony, the second movement of Mozart's Piano Concerto No.

His mother, Anne Werzberg, came from Yabluniv , present-day Ukraine.

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Discover the family tree of Marcela Josefa Molina Villa for...
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