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Dark Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

October 30, Utagawa Kuniyoshi Night terrors Traditional Halloween creatures — vampires, werewolves and killer clowns — may give you the shivers, but these mythic horrors from around the world are truly nightmare fuel.

Shutterstock Adlet Inuit Inuit folklore tells of the Adlet, human-dog hybrids with dogs' legs and a human body, who were born to a woman that mated with a dog, according to a collection of Inuit tales and songs published in in the Journal of American Folklore. The Adlet had human bodies with hairy dogs' legs, and they killed and ate their grandfather after he murdered their canine father, according to the legend. The acheri is the ghost of a young girl who died under tragic circumstances.

She returns from beyond the grave, descending from the mountains after dark to bring sickness to children and the elderly. Devil Summoner," the acheri typically appears as a pale and sickly looking young girl, and when its shadow falls upon its victims they fall ill with a deadly respiratory disease. Zuma Nuckelavee Scotland The Scottish Nuckelavee is a "skinless centaur" with a snout like a pig's that expels gusts of steam, a single enormous eye, and arms that drag upon the ground, according to the " Encyclopedia of Fairies in World Folklore and Mythology " McFarland, It lives in the ocean and can kill people by breathing on them, leading them to waste away and eventually die.

Alamy Gulon A description of Sweden's Gulon, a fearsome legendary animal with the head and ears of a cat, a body like a lion's and the tail of a fox, appeared in "A Description of the Northern People," an exhaustive account of the folklore and history of Nordic countries, published in by Swedish writer Olaus Magnus. The Gulon gorges itself on carrion until it is grossly distended, then squeezes itself between two trees to make room for more, according to " Giants, Monsters, and Dragons: Alamy Futakuchi-onna This eerie creature looks like an ordinary woman, but has a ravenous second mouth on the back of her head, hidden by her hair.

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The mouth is insatiable; it gorges on any food it can find, fed by animated strands of the woman's hair, and usually appears as a punishment afflicting people who are extremely greedy or stingy, according to Yokai. Maclock Rompo The scavenging rompo survives by eating human corpses, according to legends that originated in India and across Africa.

Antonio Sánchez Pecino (5 February – 23 June ) was the father of famed flamenco guitarists Paco de Lucía, Ramón de Algeciras, and flamenco. Read more...

It is relatively small, measuring approximately 3 feet 1 meter long, with the front legs of a badger, the back legs and rear of a bear, the head of a hare and the ears of a person, topped with a luxurious horse's mane, according to the " Encyclopedia of Beasts and Monsters in Myth, Legend and Folklore " McFarland, Finfolk could live underwater or on land, though their permanent home was usually described as a marvelous city at the bottom of the ocean, and they would venture into towns and villages to steal humans as husbands or wives, according to Orkneyjar , a nonprofit website describing Orkney history and folklore.

Theo Molkenboer Bokkenrijders Little is known about these figures from Dutch folklore, who called the name of the devil to summon flying goats that they would ride through the air, to practice untold acts of mischief.

The name — "goat riders" in Dutch — was applied in the 18th century to bands of robbers that wild rumors described as the terrifying, flying goat riders of legend. Men suspected of being bokkenrijders were tortured and executed, with accusations condemning 31 people from a single municipality in Belgium between and , the Belgian website Flanders Today reported. Shutterstock Bunyip Swamps, rivers, and shallow inland waters across Australia are rumored to be the home of the bunyip, a lanky, green-furred, razor-clawed creature "about twice the size of the average man," with webbed hands and feet like a duck, the news agency ABC Riverland reported in Children were warned against playing too close to the water's edge, lest the bunyip catch them and drag them under to drown.

Utagawa Kuniyoshi Kumiho In Korean mythology, the kumiho — a malevolent demon fox-woman with nine tails — is a man-eater, both literally and figuratively.

She is a killer with a voracious sexual appetite and she often consumes her conquests, according to EsoterX , a website that explores the anthropological sources of monsters in folklore from around the world.

26 Oct 10 bizarre mythical monsters you should know about by Halloween Fortunately , the list of legendary beasts and creatures hasn't run out of.

In Bali, the mythical, blood-drinking leyak looks and acts like an ordinary person — during the day. At night, however, it visits the graveyards to search for entrails, and if it can't find any there, it steals them from one of its sleeping neighbors.

Each year, the Halloween costume craze has reached new heights of creativity and of Minotaur - a mythical creature with a human body and a bull's head.

With the entrails, it makes a special potion that enables it to transform into a variety of terrifying shapes, including a monkey with golden teeth, a bald-headed giant, an enormous rat, or a riderless motorcycle, according to the " Encyclopedia of Giants and Humanoids in Myth, Legend and Folklore " McFarland, Nadia Bulighin Zburator The winged, vampirelike zburator, whose name means "the flying thing," is a creature from Romanian mythology that resembles a handsome dark-eyed and black-haired young man.

Zburators seduce young women and steal their life energy, draining their victims until they are pale, sickly wraiths, according to the " Encyclopedia of Beasts and Monsters in Myth, Legend and Folklore " McFarland, It flies with its entrails dragging along after it, sucking the blood of sleepers and feasting on the hearts of fetuses still in their mothers' wombs, using a proboscis-like tongue, according to " Creatures of Philippine Lower Mythology " University of the Philippines Press,

October 30,

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October brings out tons of tales about different mythical creatures...
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25 Craziest Mythical Creatures Ever Conceived

28 Oct It might sound kind of corny to be...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(web-climat.ru)}Mythological Creatures You Could Impersonate this Halloween Entertainment October 28, Le Poissonchat Each year, the Halloween costume frenzy reaches new peaks of creativity and of course despair for those who have no idea what they should dress up as or with. Satyr It might sound kind of corny to be half man and half goat for Halloween.

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