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just dance by richard cheese

These are his tools. These are his office. A one, a two, a three. For what feels like years, Richard Cheese has been treating speakeasy audiences to his unique blend of belt and heartfelt, a journeyman saloonster's story told through lyrical imagery, vocal phrasing, and a lonesome spotlight in the wee small hours. Yes, there are the snazzy jackets, the tabloid stories, his notorious libido and on-stage tirades, but all of these belie the sensitively complex artiste behind the ever jostling highball.

Cheese's vibrant style and easy-going suave, as several critics have pointed out, are more than simply a projection of his personality. When Dick swings, he does it from way down inside, then when it hits the hi-fi, it's mellowed and restrained. By then you know it's the real thing. Oh, those songs, chosen carefully by the singer himself from the brightest standard writers on the music charts, each tune selected because it fits the code, tells the story a different way, got under his skin or into his pocket.

In the sauce of Dick's rich tones, these tunes kick off their shoes then kick out your guts. This is lounge music, sung from the heart, shot from the hip, and drunk from the dregs. But what exactly is "lounge music" anyway? Is it music to be played while lounging? Or a combination of both? Well, ask yourself another question: No, it's chopped steak.

And that's what Richard Cheese is all about. The love-hate relationship with love and hate. He is smooth yet tough.

Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine is a cover band and comedy act, performing , and a greatest hits digital compilation titled Lord of the Swings: The Best of Richard Cheese, Volume 2 on February 3, Richard Cheese's cover of Disturbed's

He is easy but complicated. He is powerful 'n' tender. He is all or nothing, now and forever, sad and hopeful, last night and late December, head over heels and down in the dumps, lonely in a crowd and pals with the night. He's still carrying a torch for some gal somewhere.

Does its flame burn? Is the heat white hot? But where there's smoke, there's fire, and Richard Cheese is comfortable in a haze which might cause others to cough, but in fact makes this fella stronger. If all is fair in love and war, and war is hell, then don't be surprised to find a tuxedoed Dick strolling carefree along a Hades sidewalk under a certain old devil moon, whistling with lips that have been there, done that, save it, so long. That celebrated ease of his is the result of mastery over the details of the craft, and on TUXICITY, you get to hear an old hand plying the musical waters in that craft, navigating us through a new "Golden Age" of songwriting.

And rest assured, this will be quite a bon voyage, because the commander is at the wheel, snapping his fingers and hard to port. With his sophomore LP, we present another collection of songs for swingin' slackers. And who is more suited to these arrangements, this style, this indigo mood and vice versa than Mr. Dick's treatments of these songs speak to us. They speak for us. They ask questions, and then they answer them in complete sentences. YES, I like big butts.

YES, I'm hot for teacher. These are the songs that tell the truth, that pull no punches, that ring our bells, that make the whole world sing. And isn't that what the world needs now? A little singin', a little snappin', a little Dick? Just ask the performers who have begged "The Velveeta Fog" to sing their songs. And ask the countless listeners in radio land why they tune in with such frequency! You'll find the answer at the top of a chart, at the front of a bar, at the edge of the beat, under it, beside it, on it, working it, selling it, saving the receipt and then returning it.

When Cheese is singing, we are listening to the music, but hearing something more. Is Dick singing about me? Is that lyric telling my story? Is it me who needs to "relax"?

Am I really "insane" in the "membrane," and subsequently, "insane" in the "brain? Or, are we all? But you aren't, because only one cat is lucky enough to be, and that's him.

I am reminded of a musical question, posed so innocently and so many years ago by that gifted lyricist of the pop combo Weezer, Mr. Mario Cuomo, who asked, "What's with these homies dissin' my girl? Let us take a trip away from the hustle bustle of the workaday world, to a far away bar lined with bottles and dreams.

There, in the corner, standing on a stage, alone, is the lounge singer. He doesn't want to be there, but he has no place else to go. He's wearing a tiger-striped tux, gripping a martini like a gun, and crooning his heart out. He's singing for all of us, and singing for himself at the same time. And he needs you. Unauthorized reproduction of this audio recording is a violation of applicable copyright laws. Please do not "rip" the "cuts" off this "disc" and then "burn" them on to "CDR" because that would be "illegal" and we would have to "kick" your "ass.

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So quit fucking stealing our music, bzitch! How about those kids today with their rock music, huh? They're mad at something alright, but I guess it's hard for us squares to figure out just what! But you know, folks, underneath their vitriolic veneer of cacophonous angst and anarchist posturing can be often found charming lyrics, soaring melodies, and sophisticated imagery that hark s back to the golden era of the American standard.

These are songs that have that special thing happening, man, no matter how loud they're being shrieked by the punks with the tats.

These are his tools.

Richard Cheese Greatest Hits. Dav Lin; 22 videos Richard Cheese-Closer...
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Richard Cheese - Absolute Best of Lounge Against The Machine...
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Richard Cheese - Absolute Best of Lounge Against The Machine

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