8 Hilarious Basketball Player Names!!

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1999 McDonald's High School All American Game

He is 29 years old and he lives in the Parkchester section of the Bronx and he trades commodities on Wall Street , and you better know that it wasn't supposed to go this way. Majestic Mapp had a game as great as his name, and not very long ago that name was basketball royalty.

He was a McDonald's All-American. He was the pride of St. He was going to go from the University of Virginia to the NBA and become the latest in the city's long point-guard lineage. You imagined the 6-foot-2 Mapp playing at the Garden, making jump stops and threading bounce passes, playing at the pinnacle.

You didn't imagine him here, being coach Earl the Pearl Monroe 's point guard in something called The People's Games, a new sporting concept that aims to celebrate the athletic dreams of Everyman.

Sunday night, in the inaugural People's Games, a basketball team from New York will play a team from L. The deciding game, if needed, will be played Wednesday at City College.

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Majestic Mapp is ready to play. You ask him about regrets or bittersweet feelings, about a career that effectively ended on an August day in in the St. Raymond's gym, when Mapp was playing a pickup game, readying for his sophomore year at Virginia , and heard a loud pop in his right knee. You have to keep moving forward," Mapp said.

Now Majestic Mapp isn't suggesting that his ordeal has been any sort of tidy, feel-good process. The pain and frustration were horrific. He had a huge sense of loss "that's always going to stick with me. Deceit and dishonesty kept finding him. But Mapp never quit on himself, or his future. He got a B.

31 Mar Majestic Mapp was an extremely talented, NBA-bound point guard from New York City, until a devastating knee injury cost him years at the.

When his coursework was done, he used his remaining eligibility by playing for the University of West Georgia , a Div. If there were ever any temptation to mope or consider what might've been, Mapp fought it off. He took in his parents' message about the virtue of hard work, and accountability.

Mapp grew up in Harlem , and saw a lot. Saw the bloodied body of a woman he knew after she was tossed from the roof of his building. When the Games are over, he will go back to Wall St. Fans who couldn't afford Giants tickets may now see their faces on them. The New York Football Giants are offering a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" to their fans to have their picture on the game tickets for the season.

Here's what you have to do. Fans can submit stories and photos to the Giants detailing how devoted they are to the franchise. The Giants will narrow that pile to 20 finalists and then, beginning May 18, folks around the world can vote for their favorite fan on Facebook.

Photos of the top 10 vote getters as well as their names will appear on one of the 10 game tickets this season, either one of the two preason games or eight regular-season games. They will also receive two tickets with his or her face on them to their game. Advertisement We have to wonder whether any of the fans who were priced out of the new stadium and had to give up the seats when team owner John Mara began asking fans to pay those evil Personal Seat Licenses make it onto a ticket.

We here at The Score doubt it. But we encourage those fans to tell their stories. Tell the Giants how long the tickets were in their family. How many awful games they sat through in the '70s and early '80s.

We also love the fact that the Giants came up with this the year owners are trying to lock out the players. Would be a shame to win and not even have a season.

We think they succeeded. Fans who run out on the field at the new Yankee Stadium are likely to be arrested and maybe even Tasered - unless they sign up for the Damon Runyon 5K, which will be held on Aug. It is named after the legendary New York writer who got his start as a baseball reporter. Forty-seven percent of people said major leaguers do not spread an excessive number of loogies on the field, according to the poll, which was conducted by random dialing across the country of people, of whom said they followed sports.

Thirty-six percent disagreed, saying ballplayers spit too much. Forty percent, however, said there are too many players with tattoos in the NBA. The Score knows, you haven't heard that phrase in a while. But think for a moment, and it will rekindle fond memories of an all-time great quarter-sucking arcade game, " NBA Jam.

But the rosters now feature current stars get ready for Kobe vs.

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He's actually paying to say this.

He is 29 years old and he lives in the Parkchester section of the Bronx and he trades commodities on Wall Street , and you better know that it wasn't supposed to go this way. Majestic Mapp had a game as great as his name, and not very long ago that name was basketball royalty.

I know Majestic played at Virginia and spent 6 years...
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17 Aug While Majestic Mapp was “greatly impressive” on the...
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There used to be an NCAA basketball player named Scientific...
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Majestic Mapp was born and raised in Harlem, NY, and...
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NYC Team Basketball Player, Majestic Map: The People's Games

10 Feb Anybody know what happened with these guys? i...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(web-climat.ru)}Mapp grew up in NYC and was promising even as a young kid, where he apparently shot jumpers a day with his Dad. In all of his young training came to fruition as he was named a McDonald's All American along with Carlos Boozer, among others.

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