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sledgehammer - kamikaze

I'm here to inform you of nationalist, Oi, punk, hardcore or whatever knowledge my greedy hands can find. Saturday, February 14, this is total Annihilation with my pal jimi check it out!

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Just aim to be an aggressive sounding band with lyrics to match. I started the band with James and some friends when we were still in high school. It was really fucking bad to begin with for years. We went from basically shitty left wing gutter punk through a buncha other styles and a lot of member changes.

We became a somewhat less shitty sounding streetpunk band around The only stuff really worth mentioning though is when we became an Oi! My view is that punk and Oi!

I also take aim at PC bullshit in a lot of my lyrical content. Also at the risk of sounding arrogant I try to write about more engaging topics and try to use more clever tongue in cheek type lyrics and wordplay than the straight forward and blunt approach from a lot of run of the mill shit on our side of the fence. The band that really got me into Oi! They were around when I first started TA and were cool to me when a lot of folks in the Denver scene were dickheads to me because I was one of the few streetpunks around.

I ended up becoming good friends with them so it was really just a matter of time before I became a skin from that point on. They were patriotic but not out and out political like a lot of the shit I do these days. The lyrics are at times contrary to my own views of skinhead life but, again, I like to put friendship before politics whenever possible and it is a good and catchy tune. I always liked that they had a down to earth cynical and realist outlook.

It has been an influence on my lyrical style. Again, as I mentioned previously, that I write a lot of negative but realistic lyrics. They also are one of the most slandered bands and their reputation in the scene is largely a lot of bull shit. I like that they have more intelligent things to say than just a bunch of slurs and shock value content although I do admittedly get a laugh out of that kinda stuff at times in a lot of bands. At the risk of contradicting some of my earlier comments I like that their message tends to be largely positive rather than just hate and negativity.

I like a lot of the current Japanese bands as well. I find their songs stuck in my head on a routine basis. How about what's year? It's sorta a crew i'm affiliated with that my bro Yang started up for nationalist skins of East Asian racial decent. He would probably want me to clarify that what we mean by East Asian is much more exclusive than what the average American views as Asian i.

I have several close friends who are very active members of YS28 both in bands and doing the promotion and label work. They have done a whole lot to build the Japanese skinhead scene and to spread its popularity internationally.

Well depends what you mean. As far as the skinhead scene it always fluctuates.

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The punk scene is fairly big these days. We have a pretty decent sized streetpunk scene of course the downside is you get the whole quantity over quality problem as far as a lot of followers and morons just going through the motions. I am happy to see some younger Oi! Nothing but respect for Ian Stuart R. How about in general? It is also my favorite song on our side of that release. Also it pisses off PC homos so that makes it even more fun haha.

鐵槌 (Tettsui) aka Sledgehammer. Profile: An oi! band from Tokyo, Japan. Formed around the beginning of the s, they were one of the first Samurai Spirits.

Again, too many to name. We have already had the honor of sharing the stage with some big name bands but more importantly some of the lesser known bands that are quality people.

That was a really good time as well. I really love their musical and lyrical style and enjoy their live show a lot.

I was really impressed with both of these bands when I first heard their music.

They really embody what I think Oi! I really appreciated the label getting ahold of us and releasing that one. My friend Sebastian really did all the set up work on that one. This one is still available as of now, although likely to sell out very soon, from the label as well as a few other labels and distros that our label cooperates with. Get it quick as the first pressing comes with a patch and CD of the release.

There are also package deals available with shirts of the bands and the release. Hopefully even more in the future.

Payment must be made within 5 days of the auction end. If you are not able to pay within the 24 hour period after auction, please contact and let me know what your payment plan is.

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Sledge Hammer were nationalist skinhead band from Japan and part...
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Sledge Hammer was a highly influential Japanese Oi! punk band,...
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Sledgehammer − Oi Punks Japan

6 May Descarga. Sledge Hammer / Ikazuchi - Samurai Thunder...
Very rare demo tape by one of the greatest SSS...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(web-climat.ru)}I'm here to inform you of nationalist, Oi, punk, hardcore or whatever knowledge my greedy hands can find. Saturday, February 14, this is total Annihilation with my pal jimi check it out! Just aim to be an aggressive sounding band with lyrics to match. I started the band with James and some friends when we were still in high school.

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