Guy Argues With Customer Service at Wegmans on East Avenue in Rochester, New York, March 20th, 2017

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East Avenue Wegmans

Rochester, NY I have shopped at Wegmans stores for over 50 years. And for the most part I have few complaints. And when I have had a complaint, the customer service desk has taken care of it. But I have noticed in recent years that there are employees employed there that don't seem to care about the customer, or they're preoccupied.

Not to say this doesn't happen in other companies, but Wegmans is a traditional family store, and when it comes to "customer relations", I think there could be an improvement made in training in this area.

A simple smile, hello goes along ways. It does have less selection and is smaller than most but that's not the problem. They are rude, careless, and inept. Not all of them, to be fair there are many who do care.

The coffee shop is always efficient and friendly and whenever I've been in late at night the cashiers are great. Otherwise, not so much; and it's getting worse. It used to be every other time I went in here it's closest to my house I'd have a mediocre to bad experience, lately it's been every time. I'm not a people person, I'm not one of those outgoing sometimes annoying people who wants to make everyone their new friend, but I was in service for 20 years so I try to be kind and personable with people who working and helping me, no dice here.

They simply do not engage and for many of them their incompetence and indifference borders on negligence. Last week I had a cashier ignore me, acting weird and distracted while she scanned my slice of pizza, her light was flashing and when the manager came over she had forgotten why, then suddenly remembered while I had to look around her to see how much I owed because she never told me "oh yeah can I go wash my hands, I got sushi juice all over them", she says as she- still without looking at me- hands me my ready to eat food and change.

There was sanitizer right there; I was disgusted. I have nothing against sushi but I'm not sure what this juice was or why she continued to touch my food or the money I handed her if she thought this to be a problem I worked for Wegmans as my first job and the standards of this location are SO FAR below what the company stands for it would be comical if it wasn't so frustrating.

If Danny Wegman actually experienced this store as it is he would shut it down so fast and retrain the whole place I'm from Alabama, and we do not have Wegmans, so it's safe to say this visit blew my mind.

We started by ordering coffee drinks before exploring. I got something frozen with caramel and coconut and tried to imprint the ingredients on my brain so I could try to replicated it at Starbucks when I got home. That frappe disappeared in about 5 minutes. Next, we explored the hot bar. It was similar to Whole Foods with its variety which included a few international cuisines.

There were also a bunch of "half-prepped" items in the refrigerated section that would have made quick and delicious dinners to take home and throw in the oven for a few minutes. Additionally, there was an olive bar yes, you read that right--olives! We really enjoyed everything we ate. Sure wish we had one of these at home. I don't love this location I find their selection limited even after they rebuilt it. The aisles are thin and hard to manuver alongside other people. Recently they put in the self checkout option, many of them.

I'm not a fan, a want an employee, I want a local someone to have a job. If I'm doing the work that the company is no longer providing as a service then pay me. However it's my least fav one to go to solely because of the parking lot. I feel like I'm playing a game of Death when attempting to park and a game of Frogger when walking in or out.

Wegmans East Avenue • East Avenue • Rochester, NY • • Checkouts. Floral. Cheese. Shop. Olive. Bar. Produce.

Inside, it was redone several years ago. But it feels like Wegmans paid more attention to the eat-in areas and the prepared foods than the actual shopping aisles.

Shopping here feels almost as bad as parking outside. The aisles are cramped and hard to navigate during busy times. That being said, I still shop here if I need something and I'm close by. But, I will choose other locations over this one every time.

They will sell you beer in deposit bottles, but they won't give you the nickel back if you return those bottles to the store. Depends on the day I guess.

East Avenue, Rochester, NY • () • Store Hours: Open 24 hours.

They were getting new machines, so the recycle room was closed. No sweat, I took my bottles in to the service desk, like in the olden days. Nope, not accepting them there either. To which I say, what the hell Wegmans. That is some straight up bullshit, because it means I have to drag my bottles home and then trot them out another day, you just gave me an extra errand I don't have time for. I don't know if it's legal to refuse bottle returns, but it sure is a nifty little middle finger to your customers.

Well hey, right back at ya east ave wegs. The East Ave Wegmans had been my Wegmans for about 3 years now. I grew up going to the Perinton store, but now I feel much more familiar with this one.

I know right where everything is, so I'm most comfortable with this location. They're always well stocked- I can think of very few times when I've come here and they've been out of something I needed. I haven't had any trouble with being charged incorrectly. The cashiers are pretty polite, though not always super friendly. Lots of great prepared food options here! I get the sushi or spring rolls pretty often.

The Lo mein is good too! Sub shop and pizza are efficient at serving folks, and the food is always high quality and fresh. My biggest complaint about this location is the insanity of the parking lot. If you go at 5 o'clock on a Monday or Friday, you are seriously taking your life into your own hands. I'm grateful for the cops they hire to help you cross the parking lot safely! I usually would give any wegmans a 4 or 5 stars for a rating. However the East Ave Wegmans is designed very poorly, everything seems cramped together and parking is horrendous.

It's odd that the rochester police department need to assist with directing traffic while people are getting their sunday groceries. The food is quality as usual, just the design is a little messed up. Stopped into the cafe for lunch today with my kids. It's definitely a very busy location, The cafe has everything you could want.

Small sub of their choice, animal crackers, fruit, and a juice box. All of their sandwiches are great and for myself today I opted for a small Roasted Veggies on Ciabatta. The Roasted Veggies are great, with just the right amount of balsamic dressing.

A nice variety too. I had eggplant, carrots, peppers, etc. My main concern with the East Avenue Location in general is the crazy parking lot. Wegmans is a dream for people who love cooking their meals.

It is an awesome supermarket for people who want to buy a ready-to-eat meal as well. I bet people meet the girl or guy of their dreams here. There is nothing to despise about this place. Any food item you can get and more. When you are not sure where something is, the workers are more than happy to help you without skipping a beat. I was thinking the same thing my parents were thinking.

If they made the second floor bigger, then we could live here and go to Wegmans anytime we wanted! I love East Ave Wegmans. It's super close to my house, generally has everything I need, and is just big enough to not feel too large.

My only complaint is the parking lot and how busy it is. Other locations do and yes Pittsford the flag ship have frigging everything A lot of people from Harris come for coffee, lunch and etc. I call this a commuter store. Why cause everyone from work comes here and it's always busy! It's too bad they don't have a location nearer downtown but whatever.

Its Wegmans enough said, good food, parking, cookies oh my.. I was convinced that the Pittsford Wegmans was going to be the one that I would prefer to go to on any and every occasion, but this one just It is within walking distance or busing distance depending on the level of groceries to my apartment, and I just love it. Definitely not as big as some Wegmans can be but it does the job quite well. I love the atmosphere and the urbanity of this location.

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There's a TON of space to sit in the Market Cafe, they have the Buzz, they have a sub station, the hot bar, and pizza. If you want a sit down meal, they're attached to Amore! The only thing that I have to say negative is that I sometimes cannot find ground chicken depending on when I'm looking but other than that, I've had no problems.

Rochester, NY I have shopped at Wegmans stores for over 50 years. And for the most part I have few complaints.

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Wegmans East Ave (Amore Opening Monday at 11:30am) Rochester,NY

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19 May At square feet, the new store on East...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}Jennifer D May 4, Really nice! Use the crossing area in the center to avoid inconsiderate drivers. Take a smaller cart if you can.

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