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Washing and Styling my WIG Adalia rose

The history of cinema is built on iconic partnerships: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman, the quintessential Western for many people, was followed by The Sting, arguably the best heist movie of all times. Redford and Newman only needed these two films to cement an on-screen relationship with unmistakable chemistry: Newman plays the quiet cerebral character with a hard-headed attitude to business; Redford a passionate individual who follows his heart and his gut.

When it comes to winemaking, however, their visions are perfectly aligned. There are distinct differences between the two regions: Chalk and sandy soils in the Anguera vineyards in Montsant When their father died in , the brothers became the seventh generation of their family to run the estate.

After several transitional years they decided to turn the philosophy on its head, and work towards expressing the unique character of the vineyard sites around their village. In their view these sites show as many nuances as more lauded regions such as Rioja or Priorat, where more effort has gone into defining the differences between each village. They started by adopting biodynamic principles in the vineyards, culminating with the Demeter certification in They gradually started to remove the trellises installed by their father — this is still a work in progress and has halved yields from to 60 tonnes per hectare.

In their place, they have vinified two single-vineyard wines since The steady tireless work on their land, and changes in the cellar were crystal clear in the glass, the results made our hearts soar! These are truly exceptional, elegant Mediterranean wines, future classics that will outlive most of us, and appeal to generations to come, just like The Sting. Andreas grew up surrounded by wine, he learned the trade from his father who was a vine propagator, and made his first wine in the family basement aged After studying at Geisenheim, and working in wineries across Europe and the US, he started his own project in Andreas welcomed us with a chilled glass of his traditional method Riesling Sekt at the semi-building site which will soon be his new tasting room.

Let me set the scene: Daniela kept arriving with more plates of delicately cooked local vegetables, smoked fish and meats. Their deconstructed take on ramen, with the stock brought to the table in shiny copper pans, was a hit giving an intensely moreish unami hit. First stop was Leiwener Laurentiuslay, named after the little chapel of St Laurence at the top of the ridge. The dark, decomposed Devonian slate topsoils store daytime heat and radiate it back at night, assisting ripening. Our next stop was at Schweicher Annaberg where Andreas owns three hectares.

This south facing hillside pictured below was classified as first-class terroir on the historical Mosel maps of It has a complex soil structure of sedimentary rocks combined with red slate and greywacke — a hard, dark sandstone with quartz fragments.

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They have to be good to compensate for the huge amount of time and manpower that goes into maintaining these vineyards. Only then he can decide which tanks will become Dajoar and which Paulessen wines.

The hillsides that make the grade vary from season to season. Time to get back on the road and head east for our final visit of the trip to Clemens Busch. Clemens and his wife Rita have gained a cult following over the past three decades for their laser-sharp, terroir defined wines. They inherited two hectares but have since bought adjoining plots and now own 16 of the 25 hectares which make up the Marienburg. As a young winemaker in the 70s Clemens was already questioning the use of herbicides and reducing the sulphur levels in his wines.

Clemens vinifies and bottles each plot separately. In the winery he works with wild yeasts, and ferments mostly in very old litre barrels. Nothing is added to the wines at any stage, apart from a touch of sulphur at bottling. It was conceived by a group of top producers in the early s and defines wines according to terroir.

The s are generally showing a steeliness and vibrancy in contrast to the riper fruit of the s. Then we moved to some of the Grosse Lage single vineyard wines. Fahrlay in contrast is a stony, terraced south-facing slope with blue slate soils. He tucked in tendrils and broke off the odd shoot as he explained each site to us. After a picnic lunch at the top of the Marienburg hillside we reluctantly headed back to our cars and on to Frankfurt airport. In the trade we like to understand the facts about a wine, note the methods a winemaker uses, put them neatly on a tech sheet.

If one thing became clear on this trip, it was that if you work in a region like the Mosel or Rheingau at the northern tip of the winemaking rule of thumb, you need a phlegmatic temperament and an adaptable approach. All of the winemakers spoke about the necessity of having vineyards in a range of locations, and all vinified plots separately.

Clemens will be in London on th July for visits and tastings. Sketch and the real thing! Clemens in Farlhay Terrassen with the famous blue slate. Click here if you missed part 1 of our Riesling safari. Riesling safari part 1 Riesling, infinitely versatile, source of wines that are fresh as a daisy to lusciously sticky, and always with a hallmark mouth-watering acidity. This flexibility can be both a blessing and a curse.

Wine geeks and sommeliers love these complex, food friendly wines, said to transmit the character of a place, and capable of ageing for decades, but it makes it hard for the everyday drinker to understand and embrace Riesling. After World War II the estate made the decision to focus on winemaking, rather than selling grapes. His daughter Theresa, who took over at the age of 18, is continuing that tradition and has converted their vineyards to organics.

From this birds-eye view you really get a feeling for the range of parcels Theresa has at her disposal. In a marginal winegrowing climate this is a huge advantage. Theresa and her team therefore vinify and keep each plot separate until they do their final blending.

All of this work is carried out by hand in the steeper vineyards. As we continued down the slope we came to one of the parcels which is sometimes used for Grand Cru Berg Rottland.

Plots closer to the river benefit from its moderating influence and tend to be warmer. After all the talking about wine it was time to drink some.

Theresa also opened Berg Rottland , this was a cool late ripening vintage, which meant the final blend used a percentage of grapes from the riverside plots we had just passed by.

We headed back into town, to the winery and cellar. At harvest time they set up their presses in the street, being careful to finish before 10pm and not keep their neighbours awake. Luckily their vineyard structure, a patchwork of small plots, matches the winery. On the left we passed a cobweb encrusted room, worthy of any Dracula movie, where they keep some over their back-vintages.

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They rack after fermentation has finished, add a touch of SO2, and leave on fine lees until bottling. Theresa, her cellar and vineyard managers do their first tasting is before Christmas, then they taste every weeks following to understand the vintage. Then they each produce a blend and they taste all three.

On blending Theresa says: A personal highlight was a sneak preview of the Berg Roseneck, which will be released in the autumn. It was starting to show some age, petrol and rose petals, but still had lush citrus layers, a creaminess and an incredibly long finish.

You can find a full overview of the Georg Breuer wines on our website. This is where the grapes for her Barco del Corneta Verdejo come from. Beatriz has a special fondness for this wine that is clearly a labour of love, and the wines are only getting better each year. She explains that was a hot year, so was , yet when we taste the 15 the balance and acidity is striking, with a wonderful waxy texture. Her newer project is from year old, untrained vines.

These are about 30 km outside of La Seca, as old vines are hard to find in her town. Sadly many vineyards in the area have been ripped up to replant, as there is a lot of bulk wine that comes out of the region. They do not realise. Casio is a deeply complex and intense expression of Verdejo, one that just grows in the glass best to decant before serving. Yet she finds it unremarkable: He works with her to design the labels, some of which they are changing this year.

You can find more information on the Barco del Corneta wines on our website, or email emily indigowine. These are unique wines from a unique place — true mountain wines. Indigo caught up with Fernando Vargas, their marketing manager to hear how the recently completed vintage is looking.

After a series of unpredictable years influenced by El Nino, how was the growing season?

25 Feb who sings Vanilla Ice, dances Gangnam Style and has own fan club: Adalia Rose suffers rare premature aging condition. Like most six-year-old girls, Adalia Rose Williams enjoys singing, dancing and dressing up. That's because she suffers from a rare condition called progeria that is.

The growing year was mild, with low rain, so the fruit was healthy and phenolically ripe. This was a relief as was a very short growing season — we had snow in October, a disaster for the Malbec and Garnacha, the young shoots were devastated. We used to vinify it in open lagares, but as the grape is sensitive to oxidation, and we now use closed conical concrete tanks so the style is more reductive.

Not everyone is riding the same wave with a priority of quality. Argentina is better organised in this respect. We have great assets: There is very little legal framework around winemaking in Chile, no DOCs. Many wineries keep growing. This is not the spirit or vision at Alcohuaz, we want to remain truly boutique.

The history of cinema is built on iconic partnerships:

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