Al Di Meola - The Infinite Desire [Full Album]

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Al Di Meola - Electric Rendezvous (Full Album 1982)

Recorded in analogue at Abbey Road Studios in London, where the Beatles created most of their records during their heyday, All Your Life stands as a triumph in the long and illustrious career of a bona fide guitar hero. All Your Life will be released September 10th, For more information, please visit: His early encounter with the Fab Four lit a passion in him and may be directly responsible for the New Jersey native first picking up the guitar.

There is no music in my lifetime that made as huge an impact on the world like that of the Beatles.

20 Feb The Art of Letting Go Lyrics: You can drive, you don't even know me / I don't mind, I'll just take the back seat / Close my eyes, 'cause I just need. Read more...

What they did to modern pop music in the '60s changed everything. A virtual one-man show of virtuosity, All Your Life features the guitar great interpreting 14 familiar Beatles tunes in the stripped-down setting of strictly acoustic guitar.

On some tracks, like "In My Life" and "Because," he overdubs three guitars to get the rich, shimmering textures and intricate patterns created on his signature Al Di Meola Conde Hermanos nylon string guitar, his Gibson steel string guitar and a Martin acoustic. All the percussion heard throughout the recording is Di Meola himself slapping the wood body of his instrument or strumming muted strings for percussive effect.

All the tracks are imbued with the guitarist's signature flamenco flourishes, intricate arpeggiating and dazzling cross-picking. Only one track does he employ other musicians a dramatic reading of "Eleanor Rigby" that features a string quartet.

Music veteran Steve Vai praises the album, stating, "The Beatles music may be timeless but one of the beautiful things about it is the way people re-record it and give it their own spin. His inimitable sense of syncopation saturates the grooves while is round and gorgeous acoustic finger tones dance this music instead of just performing it.

It's quite a treat even for people who may not be Beatles fans In the middle, we all went into whatever music we pursued in our careers -- fusion, jazz, whatever it might be. We all wanted to further our craft. But when you come back to the Beatles' music, it's like, 'Man, this stuff is still happening!

It's almost every day that we see some connection in our lives with the Beatles. He focused on the purity of acoustic guitar during the early '80s with a trio of international virtuosos in Spain's flamenco master Paco de Lucia and British-born founder of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, John McLaughlin. And to be able to record them at Abbey Road Studios was really special. Being there, I felt like a kid for the first time since I was a kid.

It's an amazing place, like going to Disney World at five years old. Between that and getting to meet Paul McCartney last summer while I was preparing the record As he explains, "I had already recorded three tunes at Abbey Road and decided to rent a house for Labor Day weekend in the Hamptons, with the idea of working on arrangements for the rest of the pieces out there. And as I finalizing the deal with the realtor to rent this house, he tells me, 'Oh, by the way, your next door neighbor is a famous pop star.

So my wife and I drove out there and as we're pulling into the driveway, there he was pulling out of his driveway right next to mine. No security, no nothing. And he was driving an old Ford Bronco. We finally got to meet on the third day. I saw him pulling out of the driveway and said hello.

4 Apr Half-step. Mississippi Uptown Toodleloo Hello baby, I'm gone, goodbye. Half a cup of rock and rye. Farewell to you old southern sky. I'm on my. Read more...

He rolled down the window and we talked for a while. Essentially, I wanted to include all the syncopation in there while trying to keep the essence of the tune in tact in terms of melody.

There's been a lot of jazz guys who have done their own interpretations, but there's usually so much reharmonizing and altering of the melody that you would never even know that it's a Beatles tune.

And I did not want to do that. My intent was to bring in the sophistication through rhythm as opposed to altering of harmony, which really would take the prettiness away. I wanted to preserve the beauty of these tunes. Even though you could view the Beatles as more simplistic music, it's in the way that you approach it. And some of them were really tricky.

He plans to follow up this fall with a "Beatles and More" tour featuring his World Sinfonia augmented by string quartet. Physical release will be available via Allegro Media Group September 24th, And I Love Her3.

I Am The Walrus Day In The Life She's Leaving Home Topics.

Title, Album details, Peak chart positions, Certifications Released: 8 January ; Label: Di Meola Productions; Formats: CD.

The Gift Of Time Label: JLP Live in Santiago with:

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Al Di Meola - Orange and Blue (1994 full album)

Al Di Meola is a pioneer of blending world music,...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}Recorded in analogue at Abbey Road Studios in London, where the Beatles created most of their records during their heyday, All Your Life stands as a triumph in the long and illustrious career of a bona fide guitar hero. All Your Life will be released September 10th,

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