Audio: Brasstracks – ‘Telling The Truth’ (ft Lido & FatherDude)

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" Telling The Truth " Brasstracks / Choreography by Takuya Pt.2

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I was very excited about these sessions and the first day completely exceeded my expectations! Ivan and Connor Brasstracks were first to arrive. We rented a kick, snare and hardware for Ivan who had hats with him.

14 Jun Stream Telling The Truth (feat. Lido & FatherDude) by Brasstracks from desktop or your mobile device.

Brendan came by to help me set up and bring in a few extra mics since I have never recorded a drum kit here. We spent some time getting the set up dialed in then Brendan took off and the guys started to write on drums and piano. The guys came up with a song idea when I went out to grab food and we started recording as soon as I walked in. They sounded so great playing together, loved the way the mini kit sounded! We knocked out separate recordings from each of them to get the proper isolation.

Inside kick pointed at the beater, snare bottom, and high hat top.

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Raury arrived a few hours into the session having just flown in from Atlanta and coming straight here from the airport. He had an idea on guitar he wanted to explore and another idea with some chords on keys. We started with the keys and chords idea that he had.

Connor recorded Rhodes that I had running through the Avalon U5 first. Next Ivan hit the drums and knocked out one incredible full take for them to work with. Raury and Connor were taking turns on bass and guitar which lead to getting those parts down. We were all very impressed at the speed he created the idea for this song. We did our usual 5 takes and comp method for all the various sections. They worked out the loose arrangement then Ivan hopped back on drums. We tried to lay an arrangement with the first instrument, hit drums then build everything on top of the drums.

Telling the Truth Lyrics: None of this prolific, hands out for the crumbs / I'm not genre-specific or lied to anyone / But I'm transparent, we've all become / Hold the .

Our method worked very well because we turned out two really great songs tonight!

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10 Jun Stream Telling The Truth (feat. Lido & FatherDude)...
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16 Jun Eclectic duo Brasstracks are back to making music...
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Telling The Truth (feat. Lido & FATHERDUDE). Brasstracks & Lido...
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Bo Park Choreography "Telling the truth by Brasstracks"

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}I was very excited about these sessions and the first day completely exceeded my expectations! Ivan and Connor Brasstracks were first to arrive.

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