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DEAD AWAKE Movie Clip - Her Eyes Are Closed (2017) Lori Petty Jesse Bradford Horror Film HD

A young woman connects a series of puzzling deaths to the phenomenon of sleep paralysis and nightmares of a demonic hag. However, the two estranged sisters briefly reconnect over dancing. Prompted by conversation started by her friend Linda Noble, Beth abruptly leaves the party after chilling the mood by mentioning her sleep paralysis. The next day, Beth visits Kate and tells her more about the feeling of being strangled in her sleep. Together, they visit sleep disorder expert Dr.

Sykes, who reassures them that sleep paralysis is not physically harmful. Kate calls her parents Dave and Claire, who share their house with Beth, with a frantic warning.

Dead Awake (). Kate Bowman is a by-the-books social worker who is investigating a series of mysterious deaths. Each victim suffered from sleep paralysis.

Bowman finds Beth dead in her bed. Kate temporarily moves in with her parents. Evan leads Kate back to Dr. Kate nearly drowns when she experiences sleep paralysis in the bathtub. Kate calls Linda to ask if she also has visions of someone in the room with her while paralyzed, but Linda refuses to answer.

While investigating the death of her twin sister in her sleep, a social worker Genres: Horror Movies, Supernatural Horror Movies, Independent Movies. Director: Phillip Guzman. GET A FREE MONTH. MORE DETAILS. Available to download.

Kate returns to Evan to tell him about her paralysis encounter. The two of them briefly research Dr. Evan has a nightmare during which Kate becomes the hag and strangles him. In the morning, Evan says nothing about the nightmare to Kate. Kate goes back to her parents, who express their worry for her.

Linda calls Kate to open up more about her sleep paralysis experiences. The two women visit Dr. Sykes to ask about the sitting ghost. However, Sykes only reasserts her previous claims, ultimately swaying Linda back under her influence. Unable to contact Pang by phone, Kate suggests that she and Evan collect Linda in the morning and visit Pang in person. Fears of her husband Daryl being unfaithful cause Linda to have another sleep paralysis nightmare.

Daryl comes home from work late and discovers Linda dead. After briefly visiting Hassan, Kate and Evan drive to Austin. They visit John Pang, but discover he has been driven mad after intentionally depriving himself of sleep for over a year.

Hassan theorizes that the hag exists in a space where dreams and reality meet. Hassan and Evan monitor Kate while she sleeps. Despite a close call, the men successfully administer the adrenaline when they see signs of Kate being strangled. Fearing that her parents could fall victim to the demon by believing in it, Kate and Evan race to the Bowman house.

While Kate showers, Evan falls asleep and enters a coma after a nightmare encounter with the hag. Hassan monitors Kate while she sleeps again. When his infusion pump machine fails during the session, Hassan anesthetizes himself to enter a dream state and rescue Kate. In her nightmare, Kate encounters a demonic vision of Beth. After an accusatory confrontation, Kate stabs Beth, who turns into the hag. Kate continues stabbing the demon before strangling her to death.

Kate also says that she has begun experiencing paralysis again, but has not encountered the hag. During an unexpected bout of sleep paralysis in her apartment, Dr. Sykes encounters the night hag.

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First-person accounts regarding the real-life phenomenon describe sleep paralysis as a terrifying experience for victims. Contrarily, filmmakers have not had huge success translating those feelings into frightful fiction for viewers. Below is the rambling roadmap followed after an opening scene in which Beth discloses her nighttime troubles at a boring birthday party. Beth goes to see her sister Kate to explain her disorder in detail.

The two sisters go to see Dr. Sykes, who assures them that sleep paralysis is not physically harmful. Kate goes to see Dr. Sykes care, but Linda refuses to say anything about visions involving the hag. Kate returns to Evan, who has his own encounter with the hag in a nightmare that evening. Kate and Linda return to Dr. Kate returns to Evan and they find a lead in John Pang, who may have a solution to the sleep paralysis problem.

Unable to get Pang on the phone, Kate decides to drive to Austin, Texas to see him in person. Kate goes to bring Linda along, despite last leaving Linda on Dr. This is the last time we see Sykes before an epilogue stinger. Kate and Evan go to see Hassan to tell him they are going to see Pang. Kate and Evan drive to Austin only to find Pang is a raving nutcase who is no help at all. Hassan goes to see Kate. Motivations for moving from point A to point B are fabricated so flimsily, plot progression becomes a circuitous line through setups existing solely to encounter a roadblock.

Then the story simply ping-pongs back to a previous dot or otherwise spins its wheels without gaining any traction. Tension is backed into a corner because characters, many of whom have a semblance of perfunctory functions yet end up as excisable inclusions killing time through conversation, are caught standing stone still because of the sleep paralysis concept, making for anemic onscreen action.

Suspense instead involves a doctor waiting to administer an adrenaline shot before dropping the needle under a couch at a key moment. Is watching outstretched arms scrabbling frantically on the floor really supposed to raise goosebumps? Before you know it, a minute movie lasts three hours or more.

A young woman connects a series of puzzling deaths to the phenomenon of sleep paralysis and nightmares of a demonic hag. However, the two estranged sisters briefly reconnect over dancing.

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