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Big Shot Piano Lounge

Arlington Heights, IL Great drinks and live piano music. Really fun place to relax and listen to good music. Never had their food but other than that it's great!

An alright experience for me. I agree with most of what others have said -- which is that the premise of the place is cool and that the live pianists are really the main reason for visiting this place over other local bars. However, the drinks are priced very high and the food isn't anything special. I tried a limited number of items but these were my thoughts on the items I did try: Chicken was prepared alright but the entire dish dependent on sauce for flavor instead of having char or some type of marination.

Pretty good dip, although a bit on the mushy side for texture. Vegetables and herbs were pretty fresh, although the entire flatbread was overly moist and the crust wasn't very crisp. Tasty and a bit on the sweet side, but the best item I tried. They were bite-sized and seasoned well. Overall, the entertainment would really be the reason for a return visit but only if I'm already in the area. We come here for after dinner drinks and it is always busy. Their beer and wine selection is good but they also make great martinis.

I tried the dessert flight, yum! The music is great and last night the piano player was very enthusiastic. It's very tight quarters so expect to be bumping into people, even if you have a table. I know a few people who absolutely love this place so when a group asked me to come along I gave them a try. This was not at all what I was expecting for a place with "piano lounge" in the name, at least not on the Friday night we were there.

I actually read in another review referring to this place as "relaxed" and "refined" I did expect them to be busy on a Friday night, and oh boy yes they were jam packed! My friends told me if you get there after 9: They have various piano players rotate through and we saw two different guys performing when we were there. The first one played and sang more piano standards like Billy Joel songs and the second one was current pop So while they had the "piano" part down, there was certainly nothing lounge-like about the place on a Friday night.

I felt so sorry for the guy at the piano. So, clearly some people like this kind of scene I just wasn't expecting that from a piano lounge. I can't speak to the table service We reserved space to host my Mom's 60th birthday party and put down a deposit. When we arrived, the temperature in the venue was easily over 85 degrees and one of the speakers wasn't working, so the sound was awful.

We ended up leaving after an hour due to the heat and sound and had to relocate the party to somebody's house I have emailed and called about receiving a refund for our deposit. It's been two weeks since my first email inquiry and five days since my call and I haven't heard back from Big Shot Piano Lounge. Bad experience and bad customer service. I love this place. However, I must say it is more about the entertainment than anything else.

If you're in the mood to sing, dance, and drink, this is definitely the place to go! The food is pretty pricey so I suggest eating somewhere else. Drinks, martini's especially are good and pretty stiff considering, but still a bit on the pricey side.

If the food was a little better I would probably give them 5 stars. Since I moved closer to Kenosha have not had the chance to get back there. I know when I was frequently going the piano player I enjoyed most was only there on Thursday and Friday nights.

No idea if he is still there, hopefully so because I had been there on other nights and no one compared to him. Sorry, but he made the others look kind of lame. Need to find more like that Incredibly rude and unprofessional. The performer was excellent.

reviews of Big Shot Piano Lounge & Restaurant

Bartenders were blatantly rude and obnoxious, while mocking customers and making them feel uncomfortable 20 mins before closing time yelling at us to "get the fuck out" Will not be returning.

This place was fun! We waited for half an hour until someone came up to us and that was only because I got a her attention. She said something about being in someone elses section but seriously not one person came up to ask us if we want anything.

Finally the same waitress ended up serving our table. They did get busier because there were some birthday parties but they should have planned accordingly on a weekend. The food was really good.

A cozy place to meet, eat and drink while listening and interacting with talented pianists. More Drink Specials. Big Shot Piano Lounge.

I ordered a spicy chicken and my husband beef with per my husband the best mashed potatoes he's ever had. At 10 the main singer came on and played really good songs per the people's requests. One thing I thought was really rude, was that the singer actually told people to put their song request slips underneath their tips so she can plan accordingly. I put money in her tip jar this was before she made her announcement and we left before I got to hear it.

I don't think that was really necessary as people were literally throwing money at her. If you're looking for a relaxed, refined place to enjoy some amazing cocktails, and delish food, look no further. Big Shots has always been my go to spot for week night or weekend drinks!

Best old fashioned I've ever had and their cheese platter is to die for. Their wait staff and bar tenders have the friendliest personalities and will do just about anything to make sure you are leaving happy!

Food and Service was good. Singer John Jones was a not a great singer however fun at times But he became rude and drunk, forgot the customers who gave him the songs and thought they left. He started getting drunk wasted and really making fun of the songs so Not cool. Bye bye John you will not be missed And 7th Heaven singers are way better without having to diss other.

VERY rude staff specifically the small blonde bartender. I've read many other comments which was exactly how I felt about her. She brings a bad face to a place I otherwise enjoyed. Will not be returning after seeing the way she talks to people. Had an absolutely terrible experience.

Music was good, although the many songs we requested were never played There was throw up all over the women's bathroom. Instead of checking on our table, she was drinking at the bar. We asked for some water with our drink order and she rolled her eyes at us. When we asked for the check we waited 15 minutes and she never came back to get it Definitely won't be going back here! There are a couple over the hill female bartenders that think they are hot shit.

The regular talent have no singing voices. Basically a place for people who work there to continue to be out of touch with reality. Literally a basement box in the middle of no where with bad talent from the music to the aging egotistical barentders.

And if that wasn't enough, insanely over priced drinks and a very old crowd. Low level cheap talent, aging egotistical bartenders, crazy overpriced drinks. Phill for an intervention. Freak show all around.

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Service was dreadful, but not as awful as the drinks. The pianist was fun! My group of 5 walked in on Saturday, there was no wait for a table, we got a cozy booth in the back. The music was almost too loud. The pianist was good, he was engaging and played pop songs.

My favorite was 'Ignition' The service was terrible, our waiter would go missing and I had to flag him down a number of times, he ignored me a couple of those times. We just wanted to place drink orders. He was polite and fast in delivering the drinks. The drinks were absolutely disgusting, my friend and I can drink just about anything but we could not even take more than a couple sips of our Mojito and Manhattan.

The mojito tasted like a sour patch and the Manhattan tasted like medicine. We had to send it back, and decided to call it a night then between chasing our waiter and trying to down a terrible drink.

Maggiano's is known for its delicious Italian cuisine!

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John Jones - Clumsy

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{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}Arlington Heights, IL Great drinks and live piano music. Really fun place to relax and listen to good music. Never had their food but other than that it's great!

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