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Biografia de Giambattista Benedetti

Astronomy, Astrology, Optics Benedetti published De resolutione in , a book of geometry, and other mathematical works followed. Issues of mechanics enter into his second book of geometry and were prominent in a later work. In Parma he carried out astronomical observations, and he published a work on sundials.

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His interest in astrology was always obvious in his astronomical work. Extensive considerations of optical issues, including the camera obscura, are found in his works. He was one of the first to treat musical harmonies in terms of vibrations. However, his consideration of music is confined to two letters and seems less important in his work than other disciplines.

Giambattista (Gianbattista) Benedetti was an Italian mathematician from Venice who was also interested in physics, mechanics, the construction of sundials, and .

Means of Support Primary: Patronage, Personal Means Secondary: Academia , court mathematician to Duke Ottavio Farnese at Parma. He gave instruction at the court, served as astrologer, and advised on engineering of public works.

His duties included the teaching of mathematics and science at court, and he served as the duke's advisor on the university affairs. He also designed and constructed various public and private works. When payment of his stipend was in arrears in Parma, once for ten months and another time for twenty, Benedetti had sufficient means to live. In he had scudi with which he purchased what amounted to a perpetual annuity of scudi.

Apparently he taught in the University of Torino. Court Official, Eccesiastic Official, Aristrocrat Benedetti dedicated De resolutione and also his second book 54 to Gabriele de Guzman, Abbot of Pontelungo, a Spanish Dominican installed in Pontelungo by the King of France sic in return for services at the court. Guzman had the title and rank of Monsignor. Benedetti addressed Guzman, in the dedication, as "Domino suo semper osservandissimo" Master always to be most highly honored.

The Duke of Savoy. Benedetti was granted a patent of nobility by the court in Note that the Duke of Savoy Emanuele Filiberto was interested in raising the level of culture in his state, and to that end he gathered learned men from all Italy around him. Technological Involvement He designed and constructed fountains. We know that he carried out other public works. In Turin he also inspected and improved military installations.

Scientific Societies See his connection with Tartaglia, although it does not appear to have continued. Sources Carlo Maccagni, "Contributi alla biobibliografia di G. Benedetti", Physis, 9 , pp. Dizionario biografico degli italiani. Mazzuchelli, Gli scrittori d'Italia, Brescia, , 2, pt. Stillman Drake and I.

Astronomy, Astrology, Optics Benedetti published De resolutione in , a book of geometry, and other mathematical works followed.

Giovanni Battista Benedetti; Giovanni Battista Benedicti. edit Benedetti - Resolutio...
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Giambattista (Gianbattista) Benedetti (august 14 ndash; January 20 ) was...
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Helene Grimaud , Interview

Benedetti, Giovanni Battista. 1. Dates: Born: Venice, 14 August Died:...
Giambattista (Gianbattista) Benedetti (August 14, in Venice – January 20,...
14 set Giambattista Benedetti (Venezia, 14 agosto – Torino, 20...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}Due to Vinci's special form of writing written backwards called Mirror Writing , his work on the camera would not become common knowledge in the civilized world for almost three centuries. In all of Da Vinci's works there are separate diagrams of the camera obscura. These descriptions would remain unknown of for years when Professor Venturi would decipher and publish them in Leonardo Da Vinci , 'Self Portrait' left In writng on the eye, Vinci incorporates the camera obscura effect seen through the pinole.

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