I AM THEY - From the Day (Official Music Video)

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The Great I Am

Their energy is crazy. I've been revisiting their first three albums for almost 20 years now and am still finding something new to grab onto with each listen. Inspired and inspiring, that's what Project 86 is and has been for almost as long as I've been listening to and caring about music. If you listened to some Project album years ago and decided it wasn't for you, come on back and check out another album P86 has created their own style and have stuck with it through their whole career.

Music has changed my life and the lives of many others. May God bless Project 86 and may they continue making great music that changes lives. Project 86 is one of those bands that mixes truly epic and engaging hard rock and metal with incredibly self-reflective and deep lyrics. Add that to the fact that they've been around forever, and that they only keep getting better and better, and there is no reason why Project 86 deserves anything lower than the 1 spot.

Project 86 is one of the most under rated Christian bands. Not only are they creative in their style, but they mix it up constantly and are always taking a fresh take on their style. Their lyrics hold true, deep meanings that can be analyzed and taken apart because of their depth. They are the best! I can not believe how low they are rated.

I Am They is an American contemporary Christian music band from Carson City, Nevada, formed in The band consists of five members and are signed to.

I love their album light meets the dark. My favorite songs on this album healing begins and all the pretty things. I was going through a really hard time in my life. But one day in the car, I heard the song "strangers here".

It gave me hope. I started downloading other songs by tenth avenue north, and they were all a comfort, or addressed problems I was having. This is close to a year later, and I still listen to them. That song might have have my life, and possibly used by God to save my soul. In my opinion these guys are the best.

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I'm not saying that because I've heard them all and narrowed it down, but honestly, I have no intrest in anything else. These guys have it all. And I went from struggling to be free Their songs are both inspiring and great for worship! Also if you are feeling bad! V 39 Comments 27 Nine Lashes A band that started in I think , in my opinion, has been the best, by just listening their songs From the lyrics to the genre!

Is gonna like you 4 sure This band is Awesome! They have become one of my all time favorite band. With a great lead singer as well as great quality music and lyrics.

Give them a listen! Honestly I belive this should be number one, their songs surrender and Anthem of The lonley speak about changing their evil ways and putting their fate in Gods hands I also am a fan of their other songs like fear and shadows and many others can not belive this band is number 30?

I just started listening to them and they are the bomb should be number one V 23 Comments 28 Sanctus Real Sanctus real should be much higher on this list. Their music is moving and reaches deep down. Lyrically they are amazing, their songs are just so well written. I'm Not Alright is an awesome song and Promises is the best album ever, but pretty much anything they've ever done is awesome.

Sanctus Real has some of the most touching, inspirational music out there. I'm surprised it's not in the top 25, let alone the top Music doesn't get better than this!

The voice of lead singer Matt Hammit is incredible. This bands best songs are in my point of view Lead me acoustic , We need each other and Where will they go.

Listen those and prepare to be amazed! I dunno bout their new stuff though His lyrics are right there with Red, Thousand Foot Krutch and Skillet, and he actually does mention God unlike other popular bands on this list.

For that reason alone they should be ranked higher Authentic rock sound, refreshing to see a band with deep real life lyrics. Brian Head Welch has a raw approach, which in my opinion has yet to be seen in Christian Rock. This band is amazing and by far one of the best out there in lyrical content and talent. Also check out Brian Head Welche's self released album, it has some truly amazing music on it. Way to low this band is amazing great music with great meaning Nothing to say but awesome V 1 Comment 30 12 Stones 12 Stones is an American Christian rock post-grunge band that was formed in in Mandeville, Louisiana.

I just got into Christian music and blindly bought sixteen CDs from various bands. So far this is one of best ones out of the bunch at this time. Every song on the 12 Stones CD sounds awesome! I plan to buy their other CDs. I still plan to order blindly from other bands, but at least I know 12 Stones is a winner and should be higher on this list. Best Band listed, The have moved me beyond all others!

Their music is life changing, life enhancing and down right epic! They have always been an under rated band, but you know that;s because most of the mindless masses follow the commercial glam. Come on people 85th really. There sound is similar to that of the band Creed. Good guitar player, great singer, and solid bass player and drummer. One of my favorites for along time. Since MTV played videos. Stayed true to who they are, ministry all the way through. John started as the lead of Head East, to leading one of the greatest rock bands I feel the Church has seen.

Keep your ears open, John is preparing a solo release called The Greater Cause. It is obvious that only young folks are voting in these so called polls So for Petra to be 30th with a 0. How does Bob Hartman finish out of the top ten for best guitarists? Just like our political polls, this one is fixed and means nothing to those of us who have been around since "Petra" founded christian rock Wow, no doubt Petra should be 1 here and we have some very young voters.

Petra is easily the greatest Christian rock band of all time, do many great albums and songs.

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They always put on a phenomenal love performance as well, I seen them live 5 times. However, above all that they always boldly shared the gospel of Christ with everyone, the best band ever! The Devil Wears Prada is the best metal band in the business Christian or otherwise, so they should at least be in the top Dear love was great and so was with roots above and branches bellow and dead throne. Although plagues was pretty terrible for The Devil Wears Prada it was still pretty good. The Devil Wears Prada is one of the best bands of all time.

They have a strong focus on sin - in particular lust and materialism in their lyrics. They stand strong on their message and meaning during live performances as well. They have definitely brought me closer to my faith. They are without a doubt my favorite metalcore band and second favorite Christian band second to flyleaf. Barring dear love and plagues, every track on every release is enjoyable if not downright amazing.

They are also one of the few bands who get better with each album. Each release is different than the last but they all keep that innate devil wears prada quality.

I highly recommend the Zombie EP for anyone who hasn't heard them yet, it's definitely there most solid piece of work out there. These guys are awesome, at first glance they see a little dark. Give Dem a break, try em' out V 3 Comments 33 Needtobreathe Needtobreathe should definitely be in the top 10!

As soon as I heard them I fell in love with them. They have amazing songs like something beautiful, washed by the water, and lay em down. Taylor swift even had them as her opening act for her speak now tour. They're one of the best christian bands I've heard you guys should listen to them. Their lead singer reminds me of caleb from kings of leon their voices are similar. Beyond me how needtobreathe didn't make top 10 let alone top 3. Their music is now all over television in shows including the biggest loser and Monday night football and also used in movies.

This band will dominate both secular and Christian charts for years to come.

Their energy is crazy.

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I AM THEY - Your Love Is Mine (Official Music Video)

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(web-climat.ru)}Background was initially formed as a worship ministry called "Solomon's Porch" for what was intended to be a single night worship gathering on October 31, , hosted at Calvary Chapel Carson City. After a positive reception from the local church community, the band continued holding bi-monthly worship gatherings. After receiving an offer from local Christian concert promoters, Ian Bullis and Jonathan Velasquez, to open for CCM artist Matthew West in January , the band began to write original material and formally changed their name to I Am They in order to differentiate it from the bi-monthly worship ministry they hosted.

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