The 15 Best Places with Live Music in Manila

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1980's pop band, "The Jets", to stage a concert live in Manila

RedhorseBeer Here is a list of things that are entertaining to watch live while drinking beer: Going to a bar to see the first four is easy — lagi naman may TV sa bar — pero pag jams ang hanap mo, kelangan ng konting planning.

To guide you in your quest for glory, here is another list: Grab your 1 beer for P58 and listen to many student bands and even big acts like Sandwich and Pedicab! R is a tiny space with hassle parking on a really traffic road. Aside from Red Horse at P65 dre. Highlights include da reggae hits of Irie Sundays and Fliptop events or even the anniversary gigs of Barangay Tibay that swaggy brand led by Reg Rubio of Greyhoundz!

Events One of the original spots in the scene. Many a favorite rock band has started off in this cramped but high-energy location—aside from the Muziklaban search hehe. If you want to gawk at some foreigners on the side, this is a recommended place. Bands to see dre: Similar to how the in-game item lets you mosh through all opposition while impervious to magicks, BKB is a place where you can thrash around with abandon while being surrounded by like-minded metal heads.

Lalo nang P54 lang ang paborito nating pang-rak! P50 lang din ang Stallion na extra strong.

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Meron quality sounds ng katulad ng Oktaves at Brownman Revival. Too legit to quit paps. Boho Sarapsody Bistro https: Random but steady hits—parang Blues jams ni Hoochie Coochie Mikkie! For a reason to go, all you need to do is look at their lineup for the past week—pangalan palang masaya na: Samahan mo na rin ng extra strong na Stallion at P Bata, matanda or in between, there a lot of different locations for live music hits.

More importantly, there are spots north and south kasi hassle pag malayo pa at inom na inom ka na.

3 days ago There's something to be said for live music that you can't put into words. Straight from your stereo to the stage, watching your favorite bands.

But one thing all these bars have in common for sure is that music always sounds better with a cold beer in hand!

RedhorseBeer Here is a list of things that are entertaining to watch live while drinking beer:

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Live Music

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