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Prime Time Deliverance - matthew good

Its my fav matt good song! Hey Matt, I think you should make a movie! Whether it be low budget or not scripted at all. It is literally painful to watch all of these "artists" being interviewed, and all they do is say the same thing over and over again, it's such horsehit, i'd hear a depressing truth rather than some bullshit concoction anyday. I got to be an extra in the new video shoot "Weapon" and I personally thought he was soo cool!

His new band members are also great guys. Just reading through these message threads and thought that I would offer a few comments. From now on, "Matthew Good" only. Second, new album is scheduled for early Both his lyrics and the imagery of the videos including "Weapon" are very insightful and unlike most artists today, offer social commentary.

Said another way, they make you think about the world around you. And they're harmonically complex; complex just as Matt is. I am pleased that Matt will continue to record in the future hopefully well beyond his obligations to Universal Music , and look forward to many great tunes and lyrics from him. As you know, Rico was a short man I am a huge fan and have been for a long time Matt is so truthful about everything he says I love how outspoken he is I love that he doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks I love that he is not phony You know what I just Love Matthew: I can not wait for the arrival of the new album I love you Matt!!!!

Tuesday, 10 Dec But not one of them has graduated high school so I have to tell them that his music is for somewhat smarter people. I love the fact that he is his own man and his songs are the best. His music really speaks to me and I find myself questioning the way the world works after listening to his music.

His videos are awesome because he just doesn't present several scantily clad women to try to distract you from his message. His songs convey messages about real issues that face us as a society. He truly is a musical genius in my opinion because he can convey his message in a music style that is embraced by so many fans.

Keep it up Matt Good and I can't wait for the new album. His albums are the only ones which I buy instead of just downloading. All but the former a product of our society we just got lucky with the honesty.

Insightful lyrics beautiful music, truely inspiring. So much better than some of that bullshit excuse for music that's out there nowadays. Absoluteley the best Live show I have been to.

Matt told us to go liberate some Ponies from the stables and I damn well actually considered it. O Something about him and the way he speaks I guess He did a slow version of the Future is X-Rated and it was absoluley spectacular.

I know when he does something like this it's more or less to reward the people that came to the concert but none the less.. I want a copy of that song. IF anyone can help me out.. More on that later maybe Everyone has a God to Kill for They all just have different names.

Unfortunately, there will not be a gala or circus-like party for the release, but I will see what I can do to set up a signing of some sort. I'm sure alot of people would loveto get their hands on more of your Live stuff. He is my favourite artist because not only is he extremly talented in all forms of music writing, playing but he is one of the only true "artists" out there.

What he creates is all his own, no one can do what he does. I'm not here to say that he's perfect, or "the best" or better than anyone else. His music is timeless. People who do not know of him ask me why I love his music so much and who he sounds like.

The truth is that I can't explain exactly why and I can't compare him to anyone else. After reading "The Night Opus" countless and countless times, I have decided that there is only one word to describe the art of Matthew Good, Rapture. This may not be the correct, term but the best things in life are inexplainable anyways.

From myself and all the fans, Thank-You Matt. Even though you create you music for you, it's pretty cool that it effects so many people in so many ways. Please keep writing, some of us have become pretty attached to your music. It is refreshing to see an artist who is good at what he does AND has a brain and a caustic tongue to back it up. Plus it's nice to see a supporter of Arsenal on this side of the ocean.

Keep it up and make me proud. As a single parent I don't have much discretionary income, but Matt can rest assured that this fan will always support his art with her entertainment dollars. It was mentioned to me at the video shoot that there would be a show at the Commodore in January. I've searched on an almost daily basis but still haven't seen anything about it. Is there anything in the works? Any plans for an all-ages show?

In sociology, the iron cage is a term coined by Max Weber for the increased rationalization inherent in social life, particularly in Western capitalist societies. The "iron cage" thus traps individuals in systems based purely on teleological efficiency, rational calculation and control. Read more...

Also, Matt talked a little about his history with his current band members Christian, Rich, and Pat, but didn't elaborate on Mark, the keyboards player.

I'd be interested to find out more about his background as he is very talented, charismatic, funny, and warm. Does anyone know who he is? I'm really glad that Matt has been able to surround himself with such excellent people. He totally deserves it. Of course, he wasn't willing to settle for less Thank you again Matt for allowing your fans to participate in the making of your video; despite the discomfort of the environment, it was the highlight of my and my daughter's year.

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We are counting the days until the release of Avalanche, and we sincerely hope there is a signing we can attend. Here's a tip, starting listening to better music! People think that there are no more true and credible Artists anymore, and that music today is terrible. It just isnt true. Matthew Good is a prime example. A truely gifted songwriter, a man whose music and lyrics are brutally honest and hideously beautiful.

I can help but feel something everytime i listen to any of his songs, each one speaks to me in a different way. Its amazing that more people havent caught on to this yet. The most underrated man in music today. Cant wait for the new album. His music is awsome and he gives his thoughts in a good fashion. Yea anyways i think i speak for alot of people when i say we want to see him still maiking music and coming out with new and fresh ideas for a nice while AHEAD.

Its my fav matt good song!

See all 3 videos». Photos. Rowan Atkinson in Johnny English Strikes Again ( ) Rowan Atkinson and David Kerr in Johnny English Strikes Again (). Read more...

Prime Time Deliverance This song is by Matthew Good Band...
"Rx (Medicate)" is a song performed by Canadian rock band Theory of a Deadman, a track on . The video's main narrative focuses on Rose, a teenage girl who is selling prescription drugs to financially support her sick mother. Scenes of Rose. Read more...

prime time deliverance (matthew good band)

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}Has a file that's a mile longer than peace She's naked on the phone Watching them back No eyes, just their stupid grins They long to be liberal mannequins And in their tiny room They eat Chinese food and they don't call their wives 'Cause the girl in the window is Pressing her breasts up against the window pane And the guy they're after on the floor below her is Cutting cocaine, higher than the building A one way trip Who ever thought she'd miss the ins and outs of oxygen? The darkest side of the biggest God damn ride You've ever been on Her mother loves that show Even though she never gets the answers right It's easier to play along Sometimes more then being wrong They found her in her room Wearing a pink bunny suit And sour cherry lipstick Hanging from the closet door Her eyes were wide, maybe to despise Maybe just to look into your Headlight morning glow This is it, well this is it, oh Prime time deliverance And this is it, well this is it, oh Prime time deliverance That you have and you hold And you have and you hold And you have and you hold And you have and you hold And you have and you hold And you have and you hold And you have and you hold that you have and you hold And she says The best thing you could do Is hang around a while Credits.

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