10 Terrifying Mythical Creatures You Didn’t Know to Be Afraid Of

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Top 10 Most Terrifying Mythical Creatures

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Share2 Shares Due to the recent popularity of Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Twilight and Lord of the rings, we have seen an increase in people who want to sleep with a mythological being in an intimate fashion. Listed below are several mythological beings, of various sorts, and why you would definitely not want to date them.

Many people actually have an attraction to Orcs; they may not be the prettiest beings, but they do have a sort of rough-and-tumble charm. People like assertiveness and self confidence — and orcs certainly have that.

Why it would suck: Because they are Orcs! They are ugly vile creatures who make a habit of cheating, stealing, and lying. They are known for being tricky, cowardly — and they murder on a whim. To put it in a nutshell: Leprechauns are mischievous, playful and fun. They always have a pot of gold handy, so you would be plenty rich.

How could a Leprechaun be anything else but the perfect partner? Unfortunately, the Leprechaun is the son of an evil spirit and a degenerate fairy. As for the practical jokes, he is more likely to play them on you than on anyone else — and Leprechauns tend to go too far with their fun. Leprechauns are also very solitary creatures, so you are unlikely to get much in the way of commitment or attention. And as for that pot of gold: Fairies are said to be very beautiful creatures.

They are brightly colored and live in the forest, where they sing, frolic and get up to all sorts of hijinks. Fairies are playful and fun to be around, and they have magical powers, which is a big plus. There is even a manga in Japan called Bondage fairies, starring two fairies who have adventures saving the forest and get up to all sorts of bizarre sexual mischief. Fairies are not known for being particularly nice. They love to mess around with travelers and play pranks on people.

Fairies are also known for kidnapping babies and old people. The vila, known as Veela in the Harry Potter universe, are breathtakingly beautiful creatures.

They can change form, and when in front of humans they usually take the shape of a beautiful woman. Getting close puts you in a euphoric state of attraction — their beauty hypnotically drawing you in. Vila are not actually beautiful woman; they merely change form. They can take all sorts of different shapes — but their normal form is hardly pretty. Rather than being interested in dating you or spending quality time with you, they probably want to kill you. They will often use their hypnotic powers to force young men to dance — but depending on their mood, you may not come out of it alive.

And how many of you are the jealous type? The Vila are hardly going to keep you as the sole object of their affection — and any guy who sees your partner will fall madly in love with them in seconds. Vampires have been romanticized for a long time — most recently in the popular Twilight Saga. Women dream of meeting a pale and silent stranger, falling in love, and living with him forever as an immortal. Vampires do not care about sex. They are interested in only one thing: At best, once you are drained of life, you will return as his immortal slave — but not the kind you are thinking of.

You will be an undead zombie at his command, turning others to increase the power of his army. He has no interest in you as a romantic partner. We also have to point out that doing it with a vampire is technically necrophilia, which is really disturbing.

31 Mar As it is mentioned below, we have sirens, mermaids, sometimes selkies, etc., I won't mention them as we have a lot of other mythical creatures that sing: Alkonost.

The popular Twilight series has also created a popular new fetish for werewolves. People find Werewolves attractive because they are an embodiment of the tough, masculine alpha male. Werewolves are notoriously violent, and prone to berserk rages.

A regular Werewolf will transform into a hideous beast every full moon, and kill its loved ones in an insane rampage. Twilight Werewolves, on the other hand, will rip their shirts off and attack the person closest to them at the slightest provocation. After Lord of the Rings came out, a new generation started learning Elvish — and a brand new fetish was born. Elves have perfectly shaped features; they sing and write poetry; and they can feast all day without losing their slim physique.

And not even a lock of hair goes out of place. They are much more logical than humans, and the relationship would be nothing but a frustrating misunderstanding that never went anywhere. They would never be able to meet your emotional needs. And this is not to mention that they would outlive you by a long shot; your looks would decay over time, while their beauty would remain intact. Giants are big — and I mean really, really big.

That means all of their body parts are much bigger than ours — especially the really important ones. We all know which body parts are on your mind right now, and who could blame you? Many people would kill for that kind of size. What could be more perfect? Giants are notoriously violent; they have very little intelligence, and they love war more than they could ever love you.

The most likely outcome of dating a giant? Being served up as their next meal. Centaurs are another frequently fetishized mythological being. The idea of a sexy, untamed, beefy half man half horse is pretty hot — and you could even ride on their back, right?

Unfortunately, Centaurs are well known for carrying off women and raping them. They are also much more animalistic than the hairiest of human males — and if you think you will be able to ride them, think again. They consider it a serious affront to their dignity; so if you even suggested it, they would probably kick you to death.

The beautiful siren — half fish, half human — with seashells covering her boobs. She rises from the water — glistening, beautiful and deadly. For starters, they need to spend most of their time underwater to breathe. But even if you can get around that pesky problem, you have to remember that the all-important part of their body below the waist is a freaking fish. And of course — if they are anything like the sirens of mythology — their idea of a date will be to lure you into the water, drag you down to the bottom of the ocean to drown you, and then feast on your corpse.

Share2 Shares Due to the recent popularity of Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Twilight and Lord of the rings, we have seen an increase in people who want to sleep with a mythological being in an intimate fashion. Listed below are several mythological beings, of various sorts, and why you would definitely not want to date them.

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Filipino Mythical Creature Rap

Since the other answers are all mostly female, let me...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(web-climat.ru)}Alkonost and Sirin were birds with a beautiful woman face and sometimes women chest and arms, their enchanting songs makes people forget who they are, where they were going, what they were doing. Some men, lured by their voices, follow them and eventually die.

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