Paramore’s Zac Farro

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I am Paramore's New Drummer.

This time we wanted to have the energy come from a different side, from something other than overdriven guitars.

all included both former drummer Zac Farro and return as the official drummer of the band.

We used the bass and drums and percussion. Everything has a place and comes in when it needs to.

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How did you achieve that? Rubber Soul is the most massive record for me. The drums were hit lightly but they were compressed in this way and they just sounded so nice. They were tuned higher too. That kinda all fell into the retro thing for me. He got a Ludwig and we used it on a couple of songs. One day we were going to get drum heads at this music store and it was my birthday two days later.

The band released three studio albums, All We Know clarified that he was only recording drums for the.

I saw this kit with this swirly finish. It was a s Gretsch - I think the finish is called Satin Flame. Taylor bought it for me for my birthday and we used it on almost the whole record. For tuning we took that flat, muted approach with a lot of snare weights and sometimes towels.

Taylor wanted to go very minimal on it. It was the mic The Beatles used for recording strings. We did that for overhead, a kick drum mic and one other room mic. I played really light and we compressed it and it sounded like that Serge Gainsbourg, The Beatles, Can sound: Do you enjoy playing your old parts and do you still recognise yourself in them, or are you a completely different drummer now?

I took that time away from the band and I learned so much. I moved to New Zealand for a couple of years and lived so much life. I feel completely split; part of me is right back there where I was, and part of me wants to play it like I play now.

Will your Paramore commitments enable you to continue with that? We even play a HalfNoise song in the Paramore set! He plays percussion live with Paramore as well.

This time we wanted to have the energy come from a different side, from something other than overdriven guitars.

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In , just twenty minutes outside Nashville in a town...
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Paramore - That's What You Get [Norwegian Wood 2008]

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}For this drummer, it was reality. In , just twenty minutes outside Nashville in a town called Franklin, four starry-eyed teenagers formed a band and had big dreams. Paramore has since become a mainstay in modern rock, racking up hundreds of millions of audio streams. When did you start playing drums?

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