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Up until this episode, I couldn't have told you whether Nurse Jackson is good at her job.

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I could have told you what kind of person she is stern, boring , but we've seen her do surprisingly little actual nursing. Whether the writers intended it they did , Nurse Jackson's name forces us to compare her to the other no-nonsense nurse with a heart of gold on TV right now: While they differ in some obvious ways -- one is a rampant drug abuser and life destroyer and the other is Octavia Spencer -- we're supposed to associate Jackie's best qualities with Jackson.

Specifically, Jackie's penchant for breaking the rules when it comes to getting the best care for her patients. But Jackie's rule-breaking usually comes in the form of lying to an insurance company so that a single mom can afford treatment for her son, or hooking up a patient with medical marijuana when the state won't allow it. She knows the limits of medicine and the limits of what she, as a nurse, is capable of getting done, but she also knows how to work the system to help her patients without hurting anyone besides big pharma.

We also see Jackie do a lot more hands-on work in that she does any work at all , but I suppose that's the nature of an ER nurse's life versus that of a pediatric nurse.

Even Jackie, high as an oxycodone kite, wouldn't pull the shit that Jackson does in this episode. We begin the latest episode with the flashback no one was clamoring for: Hopped up Pixy Stix, Charlie voms all over the backseat of his dad's car while being driven home from a family function.

It's dark and rainy out, so when Charlie's dad makes the dumb decision to reach back and unbuckle his son's seatbelt so that Charlie can lie down, he swerves into oncoming traffic. Charlie arrives at the hospital still conscious but bleeding internally. There he meets Nurse Jackson, who takes a special interest in him because: Waiting outside while the OR is being prepped, she tells Charlie a story about a storm and perseverance, and promises to be standing there when he wakes up.

As we know, Charlie never woke up. The doctor explains to his parents that Charlie suffered intracranial bleeding "I don't know what that means! Furious at her husband for endangering the life of their child, Charlie's mom slaps a restraining order on him, barring him from visiting his son. Jackson feels bad for promising Charlie he'd be okay, so, because Ocean Side is the worst-supervised hospital in the world, she sneaks Charlie's dad into the hospital on a regular basis so that he can sing on-the-nose songs by The Fray to Charlie.

It's been four months since that fateful night when two mean men -- wearing mean black business suits so you know they're mean -- show up at Ocean Side to assess Charlie's condition to see if keeping him in the pediatric ward is worthwhile or affordable. Because they're mean men with mean slicked-back hair, they recommend moving him to a long-term care facility read: Jackson takes exception to this because she's a nice lady in scrubs who cares about kids and not a mean man with a briefcase that probably contains tools with which to beat orphans.

She berates for Dr. McAndrew for not attempting literally every experimental treatment known to man, but McAndrew agrees with the mean dudes.

Nurse Dena Jackson is a main character on Red Band Society. She is a nurse at Ocean Park Hospital. Before she became a nurse she was a professional back.

Charlie isn't getting better, and he's taking up a spot that could be occupied by a kid they can actually help. Jackson comes this close to accepting Charlie's fate, but then in walks dumb cancer Leo with his wide eyes and bushy eyebrows. Their conversation goes something like this: You can't send Charlie away! Even if there's nothing medically that can be done for him, he should be kept near us for emotional support.

I know Charlie can hear us because when I had my leg amputated, I was transported to a magical white hospital where I hung out with him. Magic is real and you should ignore all medical advice and risk your job to keep him here because that'd be nice. So, Jackson switches a vial of Charlie's blood with that of another patient so that his tests what tests?

Ignore the fact that any doctor, upon seeing the results, could immediately disprove them by running additional tests. We're already dealing with an all-knowing, all-seeing coma child; expecting any semblance of medical realism from this show is too much to ask.

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Considering that the preview for the next new episode in three weeks never have I been so happy to see sports shows a brief clip of Charlie's new doctor consulting with Jackson, but mostly focuses on Jordi and Leo swinging their dicks around and yelling at Emma to love them, it looks like this plan is going to work. And so the most obtrusive narrator on television is allowed to stay in the hospital, unlike Griffin Dunne, who shows up for the first time in three episodes to tell everyone he's heading off to India and never coming back.

Up until this episode, I couldn't have told you whether Nurse Jackson is good at her job. I could have told you what kind of person she is stern, boring , but we've seen her do surprisingly little actual nursing.

8 Oct Octavia Spencer's Nurse Jackson may have been labeled...
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Directed by Griffin Dunne. With Octavia Spencer, Dave Annable, Astro,...
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Red Band Society - Opening Scene

13 Nov If you were ever wondering why RED BAND...
Red Band Society is an American teen medical comedy-drama television...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}Edit We are introduced to Brittany Dobler in the pilot episode. She is a nurse at Ocean Park Hospital and started working there six weeks prior to this episode. She is naive but cheerful and ambitious. When Nurse Jackson gets irritated at her for making mistakes in Emma's a patient care, we see a different, more sad side to the amiable nurse.

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