Rubber Band Card Wallet

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But paring down what you keep in it to the absolute minimum can be a bit of a stretch for a lot of you. Maybe in searching for the slimmest wallet you can get, you've found that most options just aren't flexible enough to handle the ever changing amount of cards and change your wallet encounters. That's where an elastic wallet comes in: In this guide, you'll learn whether this kind of wallet is right for you, and discover 10 excellent elastic wallets to get you started.

Unlike traditional leather wallets, modern minimalist wallets commonly use some kind of elastic or rubber even those fancy metal wallets do, but for this guide we're focusing on soft goods. It's a good material for these reasons: It gets really slim: Thanks to its stretchiness, less material is needed to accommodate the same number of cards. The result is a super slim wallet you can slip into any pocket. It's versatile and variable: But when you do decide to load up on cards, your wallet stays slim by stretching what little elastic material it already has.

Compared to leather and metal, elastic and rubber wallets are barely there — especially when you factor in how little material they use up in the first place. Unlike with luxe leather wallets and exotic metal wallets, when you buy an elastic wallet, you'll probably have some cash left over to actually put in it.

Some wallets base their design on elastic webbing but also feature some premium materials like leather or aluminum for a nice balance of advantages, but those often come at a higher price. Is an elastic wallet right for you? That list of benefits isn't without its disadvantages. Even though it won't be too much of an investment for one, it's worth thinking about whether an elastic wallet is right for your use case and needs. Elephant Wallet e8 The Elephant e8 fully embraces an all-elastic construction to give you the best the material has to offer.

It looks deceptively simple but its webbing is stitched to provide two smaller front pockets for coins or memory cards, two horizontal pockets for cards, and a central pocket for folded bills. It's finished with triple stitching for a bit more durability and comes in 15 different colors. For an affordable, lightweight option that's as minimal as it gets without being too restricting, check this one out. That includes its signature pull-tab for quick, at-a-glance access, premium Italian leather in two-tone reversible colorways, and made in the USA construction.

You'll find elastic on its closure system to keep its cards in place that also doubles as an external cash strap.

Buy Storus Rubberband Wallet-Slim Elastic Band Precisely Engineered To Hold Your Cards, IDs And Money With One Wrap (3pcs): Shop top fashion brands.

Overall, you get a similar luxurious feel of a leather wallet but in a much more compact design. View on Amazon Trove Wallet With a nice balance of elastic webbing for versatile stretch and leather for handfeel and structure, the Trove Wallet makes no compromises. It features two outer pockets, sized just right to leave enough of a card exposed to slide it out with your thumb, and one central pocket for folded bills or less used cards. Its regular layout is so simple that it's straightforward and useable making it my personal favorite elastic wallet , but you can flip the wallet inside out to give it an entirely different purpose.

When inverted, the leather touchpoints become loops to wear on a belt or to stash headphones or a phone cable, leaving the central pocket for card and cash duty. It features a pull-tab equipped pocket on one side, with an exposed pocket on the other side for quick access from every direction.

As an example that elastic wallets can be minimal without sacrificing storage, the BASICS Wallet accommodates up to 15 cards as well as a house key, coins, or other small essentials in its stash pocket too. It accommodates cards in its microfiber-lined interior while its smooth grain leather outer provides a comfortable touch in hand and easy entry into your pocket. Buy Crabby Wallet The Crabby Wallet combines a clever matrix of elastic webbing to act more like a gear organizer than a wallet.

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In addition to carrying up to 10 cards, it can also fit some folded cash, a smartphone, and keychain gear on its included lanyard. Save for hardware, it's fully elastic to keep a slim profile and light weight. The design is simple: Thanks to its mostly open construction, you'll never really need to undo the strap, and you can access your cards by grabbing them from the side or pinching them from the top.

Buy Infinity Wallet The Infinity Wallet is another fully elastic wallet made from a nylon-elastic webbing to give your cards a snug fit. It fits around cards in two outer pockets, with a central pass-through bills pocket that you can access from the top or bottom of the wallet.

It's a no-frills wallet at a low price to boot, making it a compelling introduction to trying out an elastic wallet.

The TGT Wallet's original vertical elastic card sleeve design was refreshingly simple, but the Deluxe version adds an extra pocket for added versatility. Its footprint is even smaller than the credit cards it can hold yet its made-in-USA construction is durable enough to fit what even some bulky bifolds can't.

As a result of its super thin profile, its capacity is limited to cards. However, it does features a loop of webbing for attaching to a keychain or lanyard and a central through pocket for bills. The best part might be the price point, sliding in at under 10 bucks.

But paring down what you keep in it to the absolute minimum can be a bit of a stretch for a lot of you.

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The RIDGE wallet

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