Smashing Pumpkins: SPIN’s ‘Mellon Collie’ Cover Story, ‘Zero Worship’

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The Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet with Butterfly Wings

Written By Craig Marks October 23 , 8: For someone who has seen even his grandest rock dreams come true, Billy Corgan sure has chosen a brutally self-negating credo for his campaign. Corgan, though, had only just begun. A recent trip to my local Urban Outfitters clothier turned up a well-stocked rack of the silver and black.

Relieved, but still curious, I pried further. And in the end, our superhero stood defeated, though hardly deflated. Anything they could close their eyes and think of wanting, they got. The front they seamlessly presented to me was one of shared purpose and downsized egos: For example, they insisted that they be interviewed en masse.

The only question Corgan refused to answer concerned the dissolution of his four-year-old marriage. It was as if, by acting like a democracy, the Smashing Pumpkins hoped to at last become one. And we all hate each other. Is any of that fair? Well, we have brought certain things on ourselves. We make a lot of people happy. How do you answer on the charge of being too serious? I remember reading reviews of Gish: But we fed into the charge by being overanalytical about the way that we existed and operated.

I never realized it would come back to haunt us. That jock needs someone like Kim Gordon. She does exactly what she wants to do.

I use music as some kind of weird salvation to get away from my life. The opposite is true on my end. I take a look at Billy, see the way he is. We try and learn and better ourselves from each other, maybe even from the flawed parts of each other.

What were the three of you doing in ? I was in Elk Grove, Illinois, a boring, middle-class suburb of Chicago. I was playing oboe and violin, and doing gymnastics, and my parents took us out of school for a month to travel around Mexico, Texas, and Arizona in one of those pull campers. Your parents sound pretty bohemian. My dad is a very strange man.

What does he do? He wishes he were a cowboy. He goes off and has adventures, looking for the Lost Dutchman Mine on horseback for months at a time. And he has his sailboat racing.

Getty Images, Corgan: And that bothers him? Yeah, but what bothers him is the notion of him looking like me, instead of me looking like him. Do you resemble your dad? He does more now than he used to.

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Yeah, but a lot of that has to do with the whole jingly-jangly thing. Me and my father have the same slouch and walk. When I was 12, I led my baseball team in home runs.

The funny thing was, I dominated physically when I was 12, but by the time I was 14, I had been totally passed up. How has being from the Midwest fit in with who you are and what kind of band you became? When I met James he was 18 and I was 19, and our exposure to alternative music was the Smiths, the Cure, and some Bauhaus. We attached an extremely heavy work ethic to success. If people liked us it was going to be because we had done everything we possibly could to be good.

Hard work, hard work, hard work. And I told him that I liked the fact that his music has never been elitist. He said he always felt that they never really discriminated in their minds. Getty Images, How has the musical climate changed over the past few years? In , at least we were competing with the real deal. I think people are already tired of it, to be honest. We had a wonderful time with this kind of grunge awareness, where suddenly rock was cool again.

People wanted to hear loud guitars. But the gimmick part of it has worn off. We still really enjoy playing rock. What sense do you get from the audience? Been there, done that, seen it, heard it, pissed on it.

There are so many formulas for writing a typical heavy rock song, and we know how to make a certain brand of it. When we were jamming on a lot of the heavy songs for this record, we kept finding we had to do more and more different, crazy things just to make those songs work. How do you do that? That was all mine. The directors took my original idea and then added some really good ideas to that. My original tone was a little more destructive, like what kids dream about doing. Describe a scene that you would have included.

Well, for example, my convenience store scene ended with the store totally destroyed, literally obliterated. I had the idea all along of James as the convenience clerk, and that he would catch some kid shoplifting. They had never seen that side of me, but I knew it was there.

Who gets totally worshiped in high school? On a surface level, the football players are the stars. No, not at all. I was the closet everything. But those two days that I feel it, I feel it pretty intensely.

Zero Lyrics: My reflection, dirty mirror / There's no connection to myself / I'm your lover, I'm your zero / I'm Smashing Pumpkins And God is empty just like me.

Certainly the media saturation is way worse. Look at the people of our generation — Jesus Christ! Look how many people are on drugs, or are crazy. This is not normal. Were you thinking about some of these ideas about youth when you wrote Mellon Collie?

By Starlight Lyrics: By starlight I'll kiss you / And promise to be your one and only / I'll make you feel Smashing Pumpkins Dead eyes, are you just like me?.

Not to draw some big huge line in the sand, but I remember before videos, and I remember after videos. James and I have talked about this. What did you do when you had an album when you were little? Do you think that there are now too many choices for kids growing up? No, the choices have always been there. And this is why we have people paying way too much attention to rock bands.

Do you have a feeling as to whether you need the fans more or they need you more? Look how quickly people moved on past Kurt. As important as Kurt was, people moved on.

Looking at that gives me humility when I go on stage. Does it seem genuine to you to be a political band? We are just a rock band. We attach ourselves to things that we consider nonpolitical, like AIDS-related charities or homelessness. How has having a disabled brother shaped you? Well, talk about humility. I remember kids used to make fun of the handicapped bus. On Mellon Collie, the lyrics tend to fall under two distinctly disparate categories: Was that by design?

I pushed both ends out as far as I could. Yeah, at some level.

I wanna fuckin' bleed in my own light, not in Kurt Cobain 's, not in Perry Farrell 's.

Soon said I, will know / Dead eyes, dead eyes,...
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Smashing Pumpkins-By Starlight

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}Written By Craig Marks October 23 , 8: For someone who has seen even his grandest rock dreams come true, Billy Corgan sure has chosen a brutally self-negating credo for his campaign. Corgan, though, had only just begun. A recent trip to my local Urban Outfitters clothier turned up a well-stocked rack of the silver and black.

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