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[HD] Snow Patrol - Crack The Shutters [Late Show 24 09 09]

He was certainly onto the fact that we haven't changed all that much since our cave-dwelling days, well except that the method of our hunting and gathering sure seems to have changed and not necessarily for the better. It has to do with the nature and use of our caves, about how we tell our stories. Since the dawn of what we call culture, story has always been the most valuable commodity we humans have ever had to trade. Of all the things we need like food, shelter and water, story is the only thing that can be traded into the future to increase the chances of food, shelter and water.

Everything is story, even DNA. In a purely Darwinian sense, a mother animal who nudges her young even if merely instinctually, to hunt and defend and when to run, is imparting story. Sure you can argue that some oral traditions were meant to serve certain communities over others.

You can argue that many cave paintings were just an artist leaving something behind of themselves. But the ones that stood the test of time did so, because they were deeply and humanly useful stories. Think about that for moment. Today, story is used like a resource to move other commodities. Anthropologically and in fact, commercially, story works best when it honors its ancient origins - it enlightens, inspires and conveys vital life information that enables us to better prosper, better work together, better ourselves and better those that we touch and those that come after us.

But selling stories and selling things using stories is just the reality of things isn't it? Sure, but still, it misses the true power of story. Now, let me explain. Looking at this from the present-day commercial side for a moment, according to therichest. Now, a company looks at this driven by profit and declares, we need more of..

End users are not there to serve the brand, they ARE the brand, the tribe, the people whose survival enables the companies and brands to live on the trading floor, find food and shelter of their own, in short, the story the people can actually use, provides for the commercial edifice to survive.

Again, the end user creates the brand by approving the service. Every great ad sells you a story before selling you a product. Think about what a company like Facebook does with your timeline? Your, if you will, personal cave-wall story? They sell it to others to help them figure out how to sell you more things.

So, let me get this straight, we use our story to share and inform and talk about what matters and what does Facebook do? Collect a repository of great things we can learn from our community on Facebook? Meanwhile, what ultimately sells and what brought us to Facebook originally, well, if we were there in the early years, were internally human things. We wanted to connect and learn, share and be part of a community. We wanted to belong and feel empowered. But people love their Facebook walls Rob, they thrive on their Instagram and Pinterest and get all their important stories from them.

Story as a service! So, let Facebook do what they want you might say, we get the service. Ok, so how does this relate to the use of story for everything except what story was intended for? It relates because there is a huge disconnect here that only story can change! They key is what motivated cave wall drawings in the first place and what truly motivates us and why story is important to us.

In one blog about happiness and motivation, Barker cites Harvard research that shows that while money and bragging rights and social popularity make us happy, periods of happiness brought by external things is a fleeting drug-like experience that leaves us craving and needing more.

Wow, that might actually be better for business! Elevation actually changes people. Great works of story are things we remember our whole lives. They become ingrained as part of our own story.

Ouça músicas de Snow Patrol como 'Chasing Cars', 'Open Your Eyes', 'Don't Give In', 'Life On Earth', 'Make This Go On Forever', 'Run' e todas as outras.

Think about the greatest stories in our culture, they are empowering, about making a difference and self actualizing. Yes, some just make you happy but do you remember them the rest of your life? There are increasing numbers of studies that point out that the more we do good, the more good we become.

Great story, great purpose, better end user experience, feels like better value, worth more money. They elevate you to a better experience and a view of a better you. They put something on the wall of lasting value. Gee, all heroes, who become selfless kinda folks who are human and flawed for sure, but all struggling to find the magic, the force and the powers to make a difference in the world and self actualize. Oh, we talked genres of books before, but you know what types of books outsell all others combined?

Well, as I said before, the whole story! In a sense, you have to game the system that lays in waiting to exploit your story for commercial profit. That gift you add to story, actually makes it more valuable to the commercial landscape and therefore easier to spread and market but better still, it elevates the culture by providing something of far more lasting value. What is their age, their social structure, their underlying psychology? What are their important issues, hopes, fears and dreams?

What are they struggling with? We can craft our stories not as a lesson to them but as a lesson about them and what they need from story that helps them tell and live their own.

Can we think of archetypes and personality types in our story that relate to our end users? Does our story really reflect the really important day to day things that we all struggle with. Those are what matter most, thats what resonates on the cave wall.

The better your story is built to touch others in their caves, the more a gift it is, the more it actually will work in the commercial space and drive good commerce by doing good. Think down the road. The next time you sit down to tell a story, think about all the people that are to be empowered by it, inspired by it and yes, after that, who will spend the resources to help you tell it and who makes money off it.

Remember, how you craft the message can feed them too, and done right, better disseminate by your creative efforts, a more lasting and lucrative message.

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Try, and always remember this: Rob T Project spotlight Rob Travalino said of "Born", "What attracted me to the project initially was the sheer humanity of it.

Michal's wonderful characters all come from different places in terms of pasts, biases, genders and orientation, yet the story does this magical job of stripping all of those things away in a riveting and inclusive way. No matter how you come it, no matter what you bring into the piece in terms of the ways you may have been taught in your life or by aspects of culture and society to focus on differences, "Born" unites us in a very precious way, by shining its light into the place where we all share the same sometimes painful and self-conscious human experiences and ultimately, where we all share the same beautiful ones too.

The great truth of "Born" is that all of those people you think are different from you, are you.

William John Clifton Haley was an American rock and roll musician. He is credited by many In , the four-year-old Haley underwent an inner-ear mastoid operation which accidentally severed an optic nerve, leaving him blind in his left. Read more...

I'm truly proud and grateful to be a part of it.

He was certainly onto the fact that we haven't changed all that much since our cave-dwelling days, well except that the method of our hunting and gathering sure seems to have changed and not necessarily for the better.

Discografia completa de Snow Patrol - Último lançamento: Wildness.
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Don't give in. Don't you dare quit so easy. Give...
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