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LA Guns Halloween 2002

October 12, 0 Comments L. GUNS album, tentatively due in June Guns and Lewis began working on new music together again after playing periodic dates together — billed as "L. GUNS, which Lewis continues to front. GUNS and played on the band's most commercially successful albums. However, he and Tracii Guns have a fractured relationship, which came to a head in when Tracii left L. Tracii told radio personality Eddie Trunk recently that he has no intention of ever again playing with drummer Riley.

Story continues after advertisement "Without going into details, it's just…You're supposed to be brothers in a band like that, and we were in that last crew of… A band of brothers; you fight it out together.

You've got each other's back. And when the trust is broken, that's it, man," he said. Steve Riley is a hired drummer. And since the awe of him being in W. He's not a defining factor in a musical unit; he's just a solid drummer.

And he would argue that point, but I know. When is the last time you played with Randy Piper? I've seen him in between and I know he's stayed active, and I'm so looking forward to playing this Thursday at Vamp'd in Vegas.

Randy and I are going to sit and play half a dozen, maybe eight of the old W. It's going to be a blast. Do you think this will lead to anything serious?

A lot of bands have gotten back together and had reunions. I'm talking about the four guys who were on the first couple of albums. Blackie has always had good technical players with him, but we had four personalities in that first lineup of W. It was not only great players, but we had personal things going on, too, where each guy was controlling a section of the stage.

If it was up to me, I would love to see, even in a limited edition, a W. Even if it was limited, that's what a lot of bands are doing; they're doing their regular gigs, then specialty gigs on the side.

L.A. Guns are an American hard rock band from Los Angeles, California, formed in Later, Alexander would be replaced by former W.A.S.P. drummer Steve Riley with of Axl Rose, Tracii Guns, Izzy Stradlin, Ole Beich and Rob Gardner.

Even if it turns into something like that, I'm totally down. Have you been in touch with Blackie at all? The last time I talked to him was when W. GUNS went on a tour together in the U. It was a lot of fun seeing him. We put everything aside. We had so much fun, the four of us in those three or four years.

Do you think you could have hung around longer? It really got to a point where you could almost feel that the four of us, the four original guys were not going to be in the mix for long. Blackie, it was his band. It was his project. We all knew that anyway. We all loved putting our little piece into it during those early years. What's really promising is that Randy has been in touch with him .

Those two… they had a pretty bad falling out when Randy was let go. I'm glad to hear that they're talking and they're friends again. I'm still friends with Blackie, Chris and Randy.

If they're talking, it raises the possibility that we could do some dates. I'm not saying it's done. I'm just saying with open communication, it's really promising to see. The big one would be getting Blackie and Chris together.

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Chris is in France now, though. He cleaned up and he's been in touch with Randy, and he has done some shows with Randy. So just hearing that, and I love the guy so much, that makes me feel really good. He's a real brother of mine. It's nothing worse than watching someone destroy themselves. So if he's doing well, we're all doing well.

Time certainly isn't on your side, but, a full-fledged W. The good thing about it is that we're all still alive. Everybody has stayed active musically, so it's not like picking somebody out of the mothballs. Everybody's been playing a lot, so this is maybe the first salvo with me and Randy playing some shows and doing the old W.

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But you're still a member of the existing band. What's your take on the current situation? I have always been in the mode since the '90s that you could do one, two, maybe even three things if you juggle them around. It's not like in the '70s and '80s when you were tied to one specific project and you couldn't do other things. Nowadays, especially because of how the financial situation is, most of the money is made instantaneously, it's live or in advance.

The thing is, I have no problem with that at all. I know me and Phil are partners. I know I have a ton of gigs on the book with them. I just saw him; we just did two really great shows on the Monsters of Rock Cruise. We have a lot of shows to finish the year. I know people must wonder if I'm bugged at all by them doing it.

I'm not at all. If you have an extra way to pull in some money as a musician, go for it. I'm all for it. I realize that these specialty shows are going to go on and there will be two or three people , and everyone will go back to the band's they are working with.

That's what Phil is doing right now. But we're going on and moving on and they're already booking next year for us. I don't have a big problem with it at all. I just want people to know that. This is the genesis of what started with Tracii. We were upfront with him saying, "You could do both.

We were like, "You could do both. It's possible to do both. I just thought Tracii could have done both at that time and stayed with us instead of creating this whole mess. That's how I think now — if Phil is doing the specialty gigs with Tracii or recording, that's fine with me. So you can confirm the version of L. When I talked to Phil, he wanted me to understand that. If he does anything on the side, it's for financial reasons.

I can totally understand that because there's not a lot of different avenues for money coming in for bands. I'm not going to stand in anybody's way if they can make extra money playing. As far Kenny, Michael, Phil and Steve, we're booked for the whole rest of the year and they're already booking us for next year. Phil's in this band and he's doing his thing and will do his specialty stuff with Tracii and we're all fine with that.

People may be confused by which L. GUNS version to pay attention to. There were two versions of the band going on up until And now this is happening with the version you're in, then the Phil and Tracii version. Do you think it will be confusing again? I was going to test the waters on that one and see if I'm going to be asked about it, is there going to be tons of confusion again?

It wasn't really a big issue. We did two blazing shows in front of a huge audience up on the pool deck. It wasn't even an issue at all. It's not an issue between Phil and me. It's a total understanding that he's going to do this and there's some nice money on the table.

Guns are an American rock band. All three where only in the group for a short period of time, however.

Hollywood Rose was an American hard rock group formed in...
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12 Oct Left out of the Guns/Lewis reunion is longtime...
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21 Jun With respect to a comment that Lewis and...
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Tracii Guns on the issue between him and Steve Riley L.A. Guns

19 Feb In a newly posted feature by music writer...
Former W.A.S.P. drummer Steve Riley joined the lineup during the...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(web-climat.ru)}October 12, 0 Comments L. GUNS album, tentatively due in June Guns and Lewis began working on new music together again after playing periodic dates together — billed as "L.

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