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Billy Gibbons Guitar Jam with Michael Casswell Guitar Interactive Magazine

Billy Gibbons with one of his many Les Paul guitars. Here in Texas, we do, in fact, rank each other on levels of being Texan.

23 Dec Here is the clearest shot I have ever found of the Rev' Gibbons with his Tokai. CHeck out applause: YouTube - ZZ Top Jailhouse Rock.

Billy Gibbons has reached a level most of us will never achieve. He's a gifted blues and rock guitarist, a singer, an actor, and a record producer. Of course, he's the singer and guitarist for that most Texan of bands, ZZ Top. Here in Texas, our pecans don't fall too far from their trees.

Billy's dad was also an entertainer.

2 Sep Here's Billy doing a great rendition of 'Brown Sugar'web-climat.rug it up on his Tokai Love Rock LP! You can never trust the name on the headstock of any of Billy's stage guitars. Bolin has a large collection of Tokai's in his shop that belong to an artist he wouldn't disclose.

Gibbons was an orchestra conductor and a concert pianist. Billy would be sent to New York City that least Texan of places to study music. He'd already acquired professional level instruments and amplification his father had rewarded his scholarly efforts in "places not Texas," with a Gibson Melody Maker, and a Fender Champ amp.

At only eighteen years of age, Billy was forming his first band, but he shall forever be remembered, primarily, as the singer and guitarist for ZZ Top. The Texas blues rock trio has sold over fifty million albums so far and Billy Gibbons has a net worth in excess of sixty million dollars. That's a lot of success for a man with a guitar. While Billy plays and owns a lot of fine guitars, he is most often associated with the Gibson Les Paul.

Billy owns a lot of those instruments, but there is one in particular which is famous amongst all Les Paul guitars. Source The Moving Sidewalks Texas has always had a music scene where big things happen. From country, to blues, to rock and psychedelic music, Texas has had it, and has it still. Billy Gibbons is one of our great guitarists, and he's clearly a blues-rock man, but he's also been a part of the Texas psychedelic scene.

You see, before there was a ZZ Top, Billy Gibbons was already a major man on the scene, but not just in Texas, he was nationwide. He had befriended Roky Erickson, the leader of the 13th Floor Elevators, and then he'd befriend none other than Jimi Hendrix.

Inspired by both the blues and psychedelic music, Hendrix and Erickson were the exact persons to befriend and to emulate or get ideas from. Billy would form a band called The Moving Sidewalks.

They'd record several singles and a full length album, and get the prestigious gig of opening shows for The Jimi Hendrix Experience. While The Moving Sidewalks were a good band, and seemed to have a very positive future, the US government had other ideas, and two of the band's members were drafted to go and fight in the war in Vietnam. The band did not immediately end, but it did end. Every ending leads to some other beginning.

Source ZZ Top When in , Billy Gibbons would form the great business and musical friendship which has been known since then as ZZ Top, there would be little fanfare. Billy would joke about how, at their very first show, there was one person in the audience, and they'd buy him a coke. Gibbons had gone from opening for Hendrix and The Doors, to playing at high schools proms. That sounds like an impossible dive from the pinnacle to the pit, but the lives of artists who are not yet truly famous are often very hard.

The first two ZZ Top albums did not do so well, but the band's prowess seemed to grow along with their facial hair. The third album, the wonderful Tres Hombres , would finally get them into the top ten. Tres Hombres is my favorite of all ZZ Top albums, but the fact of the matter is the sounds and styles the band used afterwards are more what made them superstars. They started doing things which were both fun and silly, and also there were the perv-rock boogie songs, on later albums; and nearly everyone loves Pearl Necklace, and Tush.

I always felt like the great Cheap Sunglasses was one of the most musically intriguing things the band had ever done, that groove is just so killer. ZZ Top Hits The Bigtime in the s As the s ended and it became the new decade of the s, music was changing.

The heavy blues rock of bands like Led Zeppelin, and ZZ Top, those sounds were not played out completely, but people were getting eager to hear something different. For the heavy blues bands, they had to accept this and change, or see their albums and shows less successful. The three amigos in ZZ Top decided to change. They rolled with the times, and started incorporating new things into both their music, and their showmanship.

They'd wind up reaping magnificent rewards for this. In ZZ Top would produce the album Eliminator , and it would sell ten million copies. I was just nine years old at the time. We had a Pizza Hut in town, and it had a jukebox.

I loved nothing more than bumming a quarter off of my dad to go put into the machine to hear songs like Sharp Dressed Man, or Legs. What was the source of this big leap in success? Well, for one thing, the music video idiom was all the rage, and ZZ Top's videos did quite well. Musically, the band had decided to incorporate synthesizers, drum and sequencer machines.

These things defined the sounds of the s for lots of groups, even ones who'd been around more than a decade. ZZ Top kept cranking out hit albums, but none of them would ever sell so well as did Eliminator. The next album, Afterburner, would chart very high, and sell five million copies. Still a big success.

After the end of the s, ZZ Top would return to a traditional sound. ZZ Top remains one of the best classic rock bands a body can still go and see in concert, and they sometimes release new albums. Billy Gibbons is always quite the star, and he also does solo shows. Right now in , he is doing a solo tour. Billy has been in demand, always, as a side man or guest on the albums of other stars. While I don't know Billy personally, I can't help but think one of the highlights of his life has been playing with the late and great Les Paul himself.

His guest appearances with other stars is quite long, I didn't list the half of them. So what is it, exactly, that makes Billy Gibbons such a unique and sought after guitarist?

Billy Gibbons has always been Billy Gibbons. He does not try to be trendy with his guitar playing. He does not play fast, and being technically flashy is never his thing.

Billy concentrates on phrasing, timing, and vibrato. Like the great Stevie Ray Vaughan , Billy Gibbons believes and shows that a player's hands are the source of great guitar tone. Unlike SRV, however, Gibbons uses very light gauge strings. When you think of Gibbons' guitar style, you think dynamics.

The brown sound Gibbons employs, and the dynamics of his phrasing and boogie beats, those things make him one of the rare players who is instantly recognizable, even if one is hearing a song for the very first time.

Sticking mostly to minor and major pentatonic scales, Billy simply thrives on attitude, and that is what showbusiness is all about. Dusty Hill and Billy Gibbons. He has countless guitars, and what you'd think of as a literal guitar vault full of amazing odds and ends that only someone with a lot of money could own.

The story of how Billy came to own a Gibson Les Paul isn't much different from the stories by other men of his age and generation. He simply saw Eric Clapton holding one on the rear sleeve of what is thought of as one of the greatest blues guitar albums of all time, Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton.

Gibbons was made aware of a Texas rancher who owned such a guitar, but he'd given up playing for ranching, and kept the guitar under his bed. Billy only had the money to pay for the guitar based on a deal he'd made on a car, which he felt had to have been divine. The guitar soon became known as his Miss Pearly Gates. The Les Paul was still in mint condition, but it certainly is not now, for it has graced countless stages in nations across the world.

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The sound is still divine. Gibbons reports he's been offered five million dollars for his guitar, but he's not selling. He doesn't need the cash, and feels the guitar isn't replaceable. Friend, you can have one, but you better have deep pockets. There are three versions of this guitar. The Vintage Original Specification one costs over eleven thousand dollars. The same guitar, but aged by Tom Murphy? It's just a couple hundred over fifteen thousand dollars. The aged one also signed by Billy Gibbons?

Yeah, you're going to need at least twenty five thousand dollars for that guitar. The finish need not look so much like this one, the finish can be had in many different shades. They should scare you. There's no possible way I could buy something like that in a dozen lifetimes.

So what do you do? You buy an R9. What is an R9? The R is for reissue, and the 9 for An R9 is a Gibson Les Paul reissue. So many people believe the Les Pauls were the finest ever produced that there simply must be something to it all.

It was like every single little thing came together for Gibson that year, and the production of Les Paul just had an extra bit of magic. Any actual Gibson Les Paul is going to be something which costs as much as a nice house. No need to worry about that, as every single year Gibson makes a batch of Les Paul reissues.

He had several Yamaha SGs. It was taken while Stevie was playing a Tokai replica Strat.

Not that Tokai's are not good guitars. I really have...
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It was taken while Stevie was playing a Tokai replica...
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Legendary Billy Gibbons with his vintage Tokai LP! #TokaiGakki #MadeInJapan...
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BB King and Billy Gibbons ZZ Top

Billy Gibbons has so many weird & goofy guitars, nothing...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}Billy Gibbons with one of his many Les Paul guitars. Here in Texas, we do, in fact, rank each other on levels of being Texan. Billy Gibbons has reached a level most of us will never achieve. He's a gifted blues and rock guitarist, a singer, an actor, and a record producer.

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