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Death Cab for Cutie - Northern Lights (Lyrics)

Lead singer Ben Gibbard, whose gentle voice lends a childlike quality to the music, often used opaque lyrics to capture the mystifying passions of young love.

The new Death Cab for Cutie album, Kintsugi, is somewhat of a departure.

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That said, at 38, Gibbard looks back fondly at the songs from those early Death Cab years. They ran a record label called Elsinor that co-released our first record.

During recording, we were coming up short. We had nine songs and we figured that ten songs make a record. It felt like the biggest city in the world, and I was really struggling to find a job, and I was running out of money and starting to question the decision to move to the big city.

I went from living in a house that we practiced in, to living in a very tiny apartment with a girlfriend. I was running out of money and terrified of having made the wrong decision. My girlfriend at the time was teaching elementary school. At the time, I would have moved to Siberia. After that experience was over, I realized that most of my feelings about Los Angeles were carried through my experience there.

I did find some things about it that I really enjoyed, but for me, personally, it was kind of a net-zero experience. For everything that I liked about it, there was something I despised about it. It canceled it out. When I lived there, I had this general feeling of malaise. The density, the extreme wealth aside extreme poverty, and everything that that does to the dynamic of the city, it just felt like a powder keg.

I enjoyed most of my time living there, but there was no question that I would be moving back to Seattle. It was written about a person I was very in love with at the time. The song conjures up some images that are not appropriate for this interview, but there are all kinds of veiled messages to this person. Jesus and Mary Chain was one of our favorite bands. Darklands is a record I still love very much, and me and this person were obsessed with it.

Most likely a lot of them did not grow up listening to Jesus and Mary Chain. Nick came in and said he was up all night working on it. I feel that this song was very successful when doing that. The opening line is an example: The only clear life is love. You cannot see anything perfectly clearly, but love.

14 quotes from Death Cab for Cutie: 'Let me give my love to you. Let me take your hand. And as we walk in the dimming light Oh darling understand That.

In terms of the music for the song, the guitar work is similar to some of our older records. I had a new guitar and it made me want to play guitar the way I used to play songs.

Lead singer Ben Gibbard, whose gentle voice lends a childlike quality to the music, often used opaque lyrics to capture the mystifying passions of young love. The new Death Cab for Cutie album, Kintsugi, is somewhat of a departure.

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Death Cab for Cutie Quotes. Drinking champagne from a paper...
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Death Cab For Cutie ~All Songs~ Playlist

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