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Johnny English Reborn (10/10) Movie CLIP - You Can't Get Away (2011) HD

Plot Johnny English has been hiding in Tibet following a botched mission in Mozambique during which he failed to protect the newly-elected president when he is summoned by MI7. Under his new boss Pamela Thornton, codename "Pegasus", he is put on a mission to investigate a plot to assassinate the Chinese Premier during scheduled talks with the Prime Minister. He meets fellow agent and old acquaintance Simon Ambrose, MI7's resident quartermaster, Patch Quartermain, and junior agent Colin Tucker, who will be English's new assistant.

He reveals Vortex holds a secret weapon that requires three metal keys to unlock, owned by himself and two other former spies. However, when he reveals his key, Fisher is killed by an elderly woman disguised as a cleaner, and another guy steals the key. English chases the thief across Hong Kong, by means of easy solutions to hazardous routes the thief takes, for example, when the criminal slowly climbs down bamboo scaffolding, English simply uses the lift.

However, English is outwitted by another Vortex operative disguised as a flight attendant en route back to London , and is humiliated in a meeting with the Foreign Secretary and Pegasus when he attempts to present the key and the plans. He then mistakes Pegasus' mother to be the assassin disguised as a cleaner and attacks her at Pegasus' daughter's birthday party. Kate Sumner, MI7's behavioral psychologist , uses hypnosis to help English recall his suppressed memory of the Mozambique incident, revealing another Vortex operative, Russian spy Artem Karlenko, who is masquerading as millionaire Sergei Pudovkin.

English and Tucker meet Karlenko at an exclusive golf course outside London. However, mid-game, the cleaner assassin critically injures Karlenko.

English and Tucker try to bring him to a nearby hospital via a helicopter, but Karlenko dies upon reaching the hospital.

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However, he manages to pass his key to them and says the final key is held by a member of MI7 before he dies. Over dinner, English confides with Ambrose about the mole. Ambrose confides with English that he suspects Quartermain is the traitor. Tucker later confronts Ambrose about him being the mole, but English dismisses Tucker and lets Ambrose go free, giving him Karlenko's key. At a church, English confronts Quartermain, but realises he has been framed as the traitor.

He manages to escape from other MI7 agents and hide at Sumner's flat. When reviewing the footage of the Mozambique mission, Sumner realises the assassin has been manipulated by Vortex via a mind control drug known as timoxeline barbebutenol.

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Later, Ambrose comes to pick Sumner up, and English realizes Ambrose is the mole after briefly recalling his memory in Mozambique. The cleaner assassin comes to the apartment to kill English, but he manages to escape through a garbage chute and makes for Tucker's apartment. In Tucker's flat, English persuades him to rejoin him to infiltrate Le Bastion, a fortress in the Swiss Alps where the talks are to be held, after apologising for his mistake.

In the fortress, however, English accidentally activates a distress beacon that alerts the guards of the fortress to their presence. Left with no choice, English commands Tucker to knock him out, so that the both of them may go up to the fortress. Having been taken into the fortress, English manages to get out of the body bag and warns Pegasus of the threat, but unknowingly imbibes the drink containing the drug. Ambrose, at the scene, commands English to subdue Pegasus.

Assigning English to be the Prime Minister's bodyguard in place of Pegasus, Ambrose orders him to kill the Chinese Premier using a pistol disguised as lipstick, which was initially designed for Pegasus. However, English tries to resist the drug and prevent himself from shooting the premier.

Tucker arrives and interrupts Ambrose's communication feed briefly before Ambrose resets the communication, exposing himself to be the mastermind to the others in the process. English resists again and shoots Ambrose, who escapes, but the drug enters it's lethal stage, and English loses consciousness.

Sumner arrives and is able to revive English with a passionate kiss. English then pursues Ambrose down the mountainside and both fight in a cable car.

English managed to overpower Ambrose for a while but falls out the carriage. Ambrose shoots at English, who tries to use his spy umbrella as a bulletproof shield, but is soon revealed to be a rocket launcher when he closes it. The rocket launcher destroys the carriage, killing Ambrose.

Later on, Vortex is shut down and English is to have his knighthood reinstated by the Queen.

With Rowan Atkinson, Rosamund Pike, Dominic West, Roger Barclay. Johnny English goes up against international assassins hunting down the Chinese premier. Reborn () Oliver Parker at an event for Johnny English Reborn ( ) Gillian Anderson at an Stars: Rowan Atkinson, John Malkovich, Natalie Imbruglia.

During the ceremony, the cleaner assassin attempts to kill English again while disguised as the Queen, which leads English to attack the real Queen by accident, realising his mistake only when the real killer cleaner is finally caught by the royal guards. Gillian Anderson as Pamela Thornton a. Pegasus, head of MI7.

Pik-Sen Lim as Killer Cleaner, a Vortex assassin who appears variously as a grey haired cleaning lady, Pegasus' mother, and later still, the Queen. Lily Atkinson, the daughter of Rowan Atkinson, made her cameo appearance as the girl that gets her helmet stolen by Johnny English.

Ben Miller reprises his role of Angus Bough from the previous film in a few scenes,but all of his scenes were cut from the final film. In an interview for Mr.

Johnny English Reborn () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Bean's Holiday , Atkinson also said that there was quite a moderate chance for a sequel. On 8 April , Universal Pictures first announced that they were producing a sequel to Johnny English, seven years following the first film. In July , Ben Miller , who featured as the sidekick 'Bough' in Johnny English, claimed had not been approached to reprise his role. Ben Miller, who played Bough in the previous movie, appeared, but his scenes were cut from the final film.

For the production of the film, Atkinson approached the company and requested that they install one into a car, making the vehicle seen in the film unique.

The film was then pushed back to 16 September , however, it was delayed again; this time to 7 October The website's consensus is "Arguably a marginal improvement on its mostly forgotten predecessor, Johnny English Reborn nonetheless remains mired in broad, tired spy spoofing that wastes Rowan Atkinson's once considerable comedic talent".

Plot Johnny English has been hiding in Tibet following a botched mission in Mozambique during which he failed to protect the newly-elected president when he is summoned by MI7.

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Johnny English Reborn (7/10) Movie CLIP - Wheelchair Chase (2011) HD

28 Feb Cast. Rowan Atkinson as Johnny English. Gillian Anderson...

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