"This Devil's Workday" lyrics

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The Devils workday. Modest mouse music video

However, I would add that there seems to be an underlying element of loneliness in that rejection. All those people that you know are both 'logs' and 'gone.

6 Apr This Devil's Workday Lyrics: All those people that you know / All those people that you know / All those people that you know / Floating in the.

To me, this conjures the picture of a wash of bodies floating lazily down a river, face down, like logs He is telling you that they are meaningless as he tells you that they are dead. In trying to glorify his philosophy, he will repeat this over and over, the folks you know are logs, the folks you know are gone, so as to convince you that your community can't save you, that his way is the right way.

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He then explains how his way has value without people: He doesn't need to sell himself to anybody in order to get a job, because he can work for himself. It becomes apparent in the rest of the song, however, that he will never do this except to benefit himself.

By eating all that cake himself, the speaker is scorning that community by taking more than his "fair share. It's ironic to drown water. Perhaps he is doing something ironic to people - taking advantage of the community the way he feels they have taken advantage of him. Purely subjective of him, and the only subject he cares about is himself. He just doesn't care - freezing is a particularly apathetic way to kill something.

He doesn't care if his animalistic lifestyle hurts him, he can damn well bleed to death out his knees from scraping them against the ground, he knows it and is practically bragging about how he doesn't care if he hurts himself. It's a hypothetical proposition - he probably doesn't actually care about the freedom of the potted plant.

He's just pointing out that people don't actually care about other's freedom. They judge what should be free and what should be locked up, and if you tell them different, they'll say you're crazy. Possibly the speaker feels that he was, or that you are , a potted plant, and breaking him or you away from society's rules makes him or you 'free.

He knows he's lost something, and he doesn't know what or why, because it's become this strange ache which warps him, ever present. He can't see it any more than a fish can see water. He has become an average devil.

However, I would add that there seems to be an underlying element of loneliness in that rejection. All those people that you know are both 'logs' and 'gone.

All those people that you know. / All those people...
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This Devil's Workday by Modest Mouse, released 06 April
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Modest Mouse - This Devil's Workday

It is the fourth full-length album recorded by Modest Mouse....
Modest Mouse - The Devil's Workday (Letra e música para...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(web-climat.ru)}All those people that you know. All those people that you know, floatin' in the river are logs.

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