The Lady Wants To Know - Michael Franks (1977)

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Primarily a jazz artist, Franks crossed over to pop and rock fans through heavy FM airplay beginning with The Art of Tea. Sensually suggestive and playful tracks, such as "Popsicle Toes" and "Eggplant" contain sly wordplay and almost Henry Mancini-like, breezy jazz-pop. Employing a similar approach as Steely Dan did with its music, Franks' singing and songwriting formed the basis of a sound rooted in the support of top-notch musicians, many of whom were the hottest studio jazz players on the scene.

Here, the killer rhythm section of drummer John Guerin and bassist Wilton Felder is augmented by horn pros Michael Brecker and David Sanborn, with Franks and Larry Carlton handling all the guitar work. This winning combination of players, styles, singing, and songwriting would be reshuffled and refined over the years, but perhaps with no finer results than on this official major label debut.

The style here is light and jazzy -- almost an evolution of modes first begun by Kenny Rankin, and served up here with a similarly compressed production style that really brings out the jazz in the instrumentation. But the real star of the set is clearly Franks -- whose light vocals and creative lyrics sound wonderful next to the electric piano on the set.

His appearance on the jazz scene was a welcome change from the jazz-fusion and disco that was in vogue at the time. Looking back over Franks' successful career, this auspicious debut propelled him toward the pantheon of great jazz musicians in which he resides today.. Now, my musical tastes are pretty eclectic. I listen to lots of music and I own lots of music, and I can tell you that Michael Franks is one of the most literate, articulate song stylists on the musical scene, and that goes for any genre.

But if you are already a Franks fan you know that. Sure, Franks' lyrics are sometimes cringingly cute and playful, witness Eggplant and Popsicle Toes. But they are nearly always clever. I prefer his more wistful and romantic songs. Art of Tea offers a good sampling of both types.

To me, Nightmoves and Mr Blue are a couple of the finest songs written by anyone at any time. The result was a blockbuster album with an upper-crust appeal which established him firmly as a sophisticated writer and jazz vocalist. I immediately took to his style; cool, hip, understated, and yet incredibly powerful When I broke up with that girl, I felt as though my world was split in two.

I would look at the things she left in my possession; a hairpin, a bracelet, and a copy of Michael Franks, "The Art of Tea". I'd look at the cover of that record yes, vinyl and it would almost mock me. I couldn't bring myself to listen to it because everytime I heard it, I thought of "that beautiful girl in my throw-away world" I have learned the "art of forgiveness" through the "Art of Tea".

Yeah, there were times where I'd just to "forget to smile" but the more I listened to it, the more I began to realize what the true gift of my relationship was with that girl.

3 Jun Michael Franks - The Music In My Head (). As Long As We're Both Together Suddenly Sci-Fi The Idea of a Tree Bluebird.

She came into my life at just the right time to learn how to appreciate all of life And that's what I really hear Michael Franks singing about. Yeah, life is dramatic but it doesn't mean we have to be involved with "cheap drama". We can learn to embrace the highs as well as the lows and you can if you make this recording one of the soundtracks to your life. Know that you are a beautiful blessing. To me, that's the mark of a great album. The Art of Tea falls into this category.

Every song is well-crafted and superbly played. This is definitely his best album I would also highly recommend Sleeping Gypsy. Michael Franks is not for everyone, though.

His music is thoughtful and sensitive, so if you like loud, edgy music, avoid this artist. Employing a more exotic Brazilian feel on Sleeping Gypsy, with lush orchestration courtesy of veteran jazz arranger and conductor Claus Ogerman , Franks moved his acoustic guitar work to the background to create a romantic sound with no sappiness. With "Down in Brazil" and, particularly, "Antonio's Song," his ode to Antonio Carlos Jobim, Franks was doing with Brazilian music for the rock crowd in the '70s what Stan Getz did for the jazz crowd in the '60s.

He again employed his witty wordplay and evocative storytelling ability on "B'wana-He No Home," a song about a time when Dan Hicks was staying at his house while Franks was away. A romantic, elegant and important album in bringing Brazilian music to a wider audience. Forget any pre-conceived notions you might have about Michael Franks, because at this early point in his career the man is a genre unto himself -- working in a unique blend of jazz, pop, and a bit of soul -- always served up sparely and with a great deal of understatement, but still filled with plenty of personal spirit on the lyrics.

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Franks' voice is beautifully compressed into the rest of the instrumentation by Tommy LiPuma -- in a style that still holds up wonderfully over the years, and which is set to Claus Ogerman arrangements that make plenty great use of keyboards from Joe Sample of The Crusaders! Tunes are all originals by Franks -- and there's some especially great Brazilian touches on the numbers "Antonio's Song" and "Down In Brazil". On this, his third album, we see the fusion of musical influences that would create the trademark Franks "sound" - a highly sophisticated soft rock, heavily laced with cool jazz and Latin nuance.

Downbeat jazz rears its beautiful head in the opening track "Lady Wants to Know" - musically and lyrically - "Daddy he's like Coltrane, baby's just like Miles, lady she's in heaven when she smiles The former was written as a tribute to his hero later friend and mentor Antonio Carlos Jobim. Michael Franks is an exceptional talent - a writer, musician and singer of the first order. His compositions are beautifully crafted and draw upon the finest musical influences of our time.

It's hip and cool - five stars, at least! Later, I went on to buy the album and was floored! The standout tracks for me are, of course, "The Lady wants to know" and "I really hope it's you. We are talking about someone who was financing his graduate education by writing and singing songs he has his PHD in songwriting.

He is a definite talent I love this album. It has the same electric piano as "Art Of Tea," but this album has a more finished sound to it overall, the strings suggest a bigger budget in the studio, and that's alright.

Artists used this album, as they do "Art Of Tea" as a reference to Michael's compositions. This album was recorded as a homage to Michael's hero Antonio Jobim, who passed away a few years ago and who's death inspired Michael to return to straight-forward Brazilian influenced music to produce "Abandoned Garden," the album dedicated to Jobim's memory.

Lyrically a natural follow-up to the slyly suggestive The Art of Tea and featuring less pronounced orchestration than his previous effort, thanks to producer Eumir Deodato, Franks took full advantage of rhythm players Will Lee, Ralph McDonald and Steve Gadd, to make an even funkier record than in the past.

Songs like "When the Cookie Jar Is Empty," "Wrestle a Live Nude Girl" and "In Search of the Perfect Shampoo" are all sensually playful songs that fully captured the erotic yet innocent '70s-era of free love with a romantic sense of humor. Not as ambitious as his previous Sleeping Gypsy, but a continuation of his ongoing experimentation with different players and a consolidation of his unique songwriting style.

As on all his best albums, the style here is a subtle blend of jazz and pop with a bit of a Brazilian inspiration -- kind of a more mainstream take on styles that Bob Dorough and Blossom Dearie had first put forth, with all the sort of hip songwriting that sort of reference might imply. Deodato's at the helm of the arrangements here -- keeping things lean and clean, and using key contributions from players like Leon Pendarvis, John Tropea, Steve Gadd, and Bud Shank to flesh out the jazzier side of Franks' sound.

The first two releases, "Art Of Tea" and "Sleeping Gypsy" featured jazz ensembles backing Michael; the use of electric piano was heavy on those two albums, "Sleeping Gypsy" featured heavy orchestral backing. Michael's voice seems to be a bit thinner, almost fragile on the title track. As usual, word play and brilliant poetry abound, give a listen to the sleepy but masterful "Vilvadi's Song" and the playful "In Search Of The Perfect Shampoo. At this point in his career, Michael continues to shift toward other musical directions, he never returns to the theme of this album which makes "Burchfield Nines" stand out on it's own.

It is Michael Franks at the top of his art and many of his albums are up there bringing us ultimate musical pleasure. All of Michael Franks' work is superb, but this is quite possibly my favorite album. Every song is spectacular - the music is soothing but sexy and the lyrics intelligent.

Primarily a jazz artist, Franks crossed over to pop and rock fans through heavy FM airplay beginning with The Art of Tea. Sensually suggestive and playful tracks, such as "Popsicle Toes" and "Eggplant" contain sly wordplay and almost Henry Mancini-like, breezy jazz-pop.

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